Reggaetonero Farruko made headlines earlier this year when he announced his retirement from reggaetón and started preaching about God during a Miami concert. 

But that hasn’t stopped the “Pepas” singer from continuing to make headlines, this time for his comments about Will Smith’s actions at Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony after Chris Rock commented on Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance.

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The “Krippy Kush” singer took to Instagram to express his opposition to Will Smith’s actions on Sunday saying that he doesn’t agree with the slap because “our war isn’t against flesh but against the spirit that says the words.”

Farruko continued to invoke religious themes in the post, stating that Will Smith is facing a struggle with himself. The singer then said that “God is calling” Smith saying that this is proof that “demons” of frustration and the ego can overcome us humans. 

The “Calma” singer went on to empathize with Smith, stating that “it’s hard to live in a world so cruel where people attack you without compassion so they can go viral or get attention.” Farruko emphasized that this is especially the case in the entertainment industry, saying that the “cannibalism” of the industry can cause anyone to lose their temper and react in any way. 

The singer continued the Instagram post by telling his followers that this is why “one should pray every day” and “ask God for the compassion, knowledge, tolerance, and prudence to walk out the door of your house because we don’t know what we’ll face in this world.” 

Farruko then sent a personal message to Will Smith telling the actor that he shouldn’t give up on his prayers, that he should “ask God for direction.”

From Will Smith slapping Chris Rock to Farruko becoming a preacher mid-concert, 2022 has been filled with a lot of surprises, and we’re sure there will be more to come!