Move over gold chains and flashy accessories because Peso Pluma has taken bling to a whole new level. Not content with conquering the music scene, the Mexican music sensation recently made headlines after adorning his smile with diamond-encrusted grills.

Univision magazine’s afternoon show Prime Impacto caught up with his dentist and spilled all the tea about Peso Pluma’s shiny new smile, including the price tag.

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Although you could buy a small apartment for what Peso Pluma paid for his new accessory, it’s apparently worth every penny.

Shiny, expensive accessories

Peso Pluma’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. This musical maverick has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide with his songs. 

Peso Pluma reached a new high with the rise of “La Bebé” to number one on Billboard’s Worldwide 200 chart, released his debut album “Génesis” last week, and embarked on an international tour.

This success has allowed the young star to treat himself to a few luxuries. Peso Pluma’s first big purchase was a huge Spider-Man pendant made by Mexican jeweler Bagliori, valued at $500,000.

But while the pendant is quite the spectacle, Peso Pluma’s latest foray into the world of bling is something else.

A dental masterpiece

It’s nothing short of a whopper. The singer’s dazzling dental transformation cost him $50,000.

Working closely with renowned Guadalajara dentist Dr. Raul Perez, the Mexican superstar upgraded his smile in style.

The treatment began almost two years ago when PP first sought dental improvements. Although he started out primarily looking to change the color of his teeth, Pluma soon found himself fascinated by the idea of permanent diamonds on his canines. 

Delighted with the result, he returned to Dr. Perez’s office to change his look. His goal was to knock our socks off, and Dr. Perez made him a masterpiece of gold and diamonds.

The dentist created a one-of-a-kind dental grill, also known as removable dental molds, crafted with meticulous precision.

Made of 10-karat gold, including white gold, and adorned with some 200 tiny diamonds, these dental accessories are truly a sight to behold. Each grid features six adorable hearts, adding playful elegance to Peso Pluma’s already eye-catching smile.

According to Dr. Perez, these grids are no ordinary dental accessories. “They are carefully designed pieces of jewelry reserved for special occasions, photoshoots, and interviews,” the dentist explained, emphasizing “special occasions.” Apparently, Peso Pluma knows better than to risk damaging these precious works of art while performing.

And while these grids require special care and occasional adjustments, they serve as a testament to Pluma’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing his unique personality.