Courtesy Voodoo_Preacher/Twitter

It goes without saying that we’re living in a stressful time. The pandemic is in its umpteenth month. The economy is uncertain. The earth is heating up frighteningly quickly. But aside from the obvious anxiety-inducers, it is arguably the small, every day things that get our blood pressure rising the fastest.

On Monday, #MakesMeStressed trended on Twitter as people shared the innocuous things that they face daily that make them anxious. Here is a round up of the most relatable #MakesMeStressed tweets.

1. The extremely complicated CAPTCHA tests

These tests start to make me wonder if I actually am a robot…Sure, the stakes are low, but for some reason, getting the answers right to these feels so important.

2. Traffic cops

We’re not speeding. Our seatbelts are buckled. We are in no way breaking the law. But still, as we see a cop car turn around in our rear view mirror, we’re 100% certain that we are going to jail.

3. Improper mask-wearing

The pandemic is winding down and masks aren’t even a requirement in many cities, but seeing someone with a mask worn under their nose still feels…wrong. It’s probably just a remnant of quarantine-era paranoia. If you’re going to wear one, you might as well wear it right!

4. Being efficient with your groceries

There is nothing that #MakesMeStressed more than trying to mentally calculate how many grocery bags I can fit on my arm without seriously hurting myself on the way from my car to my house. We take that back. What actually would be more stress-inducing is making multiple trips to and from the car when one would have sufficed.

5. Parenting paranoia

Yes, we know that statistically, our kid is probably just distracted for a millisecond before they can pick up their phone. But in that millisecond, they have been kidnapped, been in a car accident, and have started vaping. At least, that’s what our brain is telling us.

6. The dreaded four words…

No positive conversation has ever followed the phrase “We need to talk.” As soon as we hear those words, our stress levels sky rocket.

7. Internet woes

It’s funny that 15 years ago, we could wait 10 minutes for an image to load with the patience of a saint. But now, if it takes more than 10 seconds to buffer, we want to flip a table over. Just another tiny daily thing that truly #MakesMeStressed.

8. Phone-less-ness

Yes, we just made that word up. But it should be an actual diagnosis. The feeling of not having your phone on you is hardly noticable at first, but as time passes by, something starts to feel seriously off. Talk about #MakesMeStressed.