Pedro Pascal, 48, just made history by becoming the first Latino to win Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. In true Pascal fashion, the “Last of Us” actor gave viewers the most surprising— and hilarious— speech of the night, and we’re still not over it.

Look no further for everything to know about Pascal’s perfect acceptance speech, who he wants to “make out with,” and why fans say his outfit gave off 1800s romance icon vibes.

Pedro Pascal admitted during his hilarious, heartwarming speech: “I’m a little drunk”

Pascal accepted his history-making SAG award with what can only be described as shock. Upon arriving onstage, the “Game of Thrones” star quipped, “This is wrong for a number of reasons. I’m a little drunk. I thought I could get drunk.”

One thing about Pascal is that he always keeps it real. Now we just want to know— was he drinking tequila? Rosé? An old fashioned? We need answers!

Later in his acceptance speech, the 48-year-old actor stated, “Thank you HBO… Jeez Louise, I’m making a fool out of myself. But thank you so much for this!” One note: Pascal is the kind of person to say “Jeez Louise,” which makes us love him that much more.

“I’ve been in the union since 1999 so this is an incredible f**king honor. We’re on Netflix,” Pascal added. “And to the nominees, all of you, I can’t remember any of your names right now.” Why is he so relatable?!

“[HBO] you’ve given me a job because I grew up watching your network, I have no skills, I have no other interests, so the least you could do is give me a job,” the actor joked. “[And to] my family, whose maybe watching, I’m not sure.”

By the end of the speech, the Chilean-American actor admitted, “I’m [going to] have a panic attack and I’m [going to] leave.” Mic drop.

Pedro Pascal’s SAG Awards speech was pure “cinema” and you can’t convince us otherwise:

As one SAG Awards viewer put it, Pascal starting his SAG Awards acceptance speech with “I’m a little drunk” is “exactly” how it should be. 10/10 no notes:

As if his speech wasn’t perfect enough, Pascal later said backstage that he planned to “make out” with buddy and fellow nominee Kieran Culkin, 41, at the afterparty:

And when it came to the actor’s custom Prada outfit, many fans say it reminded them of Mr. Darcy from the movie “Pride and Prejudice.” Is Pascal the 1800s poetic-yet-stoic loverboy we always needed? Maybe. All we know is that he certainly “bewitched” us:

On the other hand, maybe Pascal just gave Ned Flanders vibes instead? This feels like blasphemy:

Moreover, other SAG Awards viewers said Pascal reminded them of “Prince Eric from ‘The Little Mermaid'” and… they’re not wrong?

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, Pascal kept it to-the-point while describing his feelings about the big win. “Knocked me on. My. A**. Thank you,” he wrote.