If you’re a fan of mystery podcasts, Spotify is set to release the English version of the chart-topping Chilean podcast “Caso 63” later this year — and it’s just as thrilling and puzzling as the original Spanish version.

The English adaptation is titled “Case 63” and will star Julianne Moore as psychiatrist Eliza Knight, and Oscar Isaac as her patient Case 63.

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Just like the original version in Spanish, the narrative centers on the patient’s claims that he can travel through time and is attempting to save the world.

“Caso 63” is famously non-linear, going back and forth through time, and each episode focuses on a psychiatry session between the two characters. There’s also mention of a deadly virus, which many people quickly tie to real-life COVID-19. 

Moore and Isaac are both on-board as executive producers, along with Spotify. Meanwhile, the original “Caso 63” was first written by Chilean creator Julio Rojas. 

Rojas sat down with Mundo Peliculas to talk about his experience thinking up the original 10-episode podcast back in 2020.

He said that “Caso 63” was largely inspired by the pandemic, explaining, “If we would travel back to 2019 and tell someone that in 2020, cities would be empty, the world population would be quarantined and we would all [use] masks and be socially-distanced… would they believe you? This was the starting point [of creating the podcast].”

The writer wanted to focus on the fact that “anything could happen,” writing about “possibilities” such as a man who may or may not be able to travel in time.

Rojas was also inspired by working in urgent care years ago and seeing a naked man enter the hospital talking about the end of the world. Even while the creator says the man was having a “psychotic episode,” his words were extremely “coherent.”

So what to expect from the English version of the podcast? Rojas describes the character Case 63 as “enigmatic” and similar to Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs” — which pretty much says everything we need to know about him. Case 63 is obsessed with the multiverse, and uses real-life scientific facts when speaking about the future and the possibility of actual time travel.

You may already know that “Caso 63” was an immediate success, rising to the top of Spotify’s charts in Mexico and Argentina. And there are already two adaptations, too: India’s version is titled “Virus 2062,” while Brazil has “Paciente 63.”

While the English podcast “Case 63” is set to premiere on Spotify in the fall, the Spanish version is going for its final third season this year.