In a heartbreaking revelation, HBO Sports Documentaries’ latest installment, “The Golden Boy,” delves into the untold struggles of boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. 

Beyond his accomplishments in the ring and many scandals, the documentary unveils the poignant stories of his three grown children, Jacob, Devon, and Atiana De La Hoya.

All three recount their anguish and healing journey as they navigate the complexities of growing up with an absent father. 

And their testimonies, while painful, are not unique. 

In fact, Oscar De La Hoya’s children realized that their experiences made them “the same person.”

Oscar De La Hoya’s demons from the past

Oscar De La Hoya had children with multiple women, resulting in a fragmented family dynamic. 

The mother of the boxer‘s oldest daughter Atiana is Shanna Moakler, a former Miss USA. Meanwhile, his relationship with Devon and Jacob’s mother has been the subject of less public scrutiny.

In addition to Atiana, Devon, and Jacob, Oscar De La Hoya is the father of three other children, Oscar, Nina, and Victoria, whose mother is his ex-wife, Puerto Rican singer Millie Corretjer. 

The complexities of the boxer’s family structure, coupled with the demands of a high-profile career, pose challenges for him to be fully present in the lives of all his children.

A childhood that yearned for a father’s love

In a raw and emotional interview, Atiana De La Hoya recounts a poignant memory from her childhood, when she met her father for a rare outing. 

She looked forward to bonding with him as a fourth grader at Color Me Mine, an art studio. With tears in her eyes, she recalled how she contemplated addressing him as “dad” and treasured a painted memory of a cheeseburger, a poignant reminder of their fleeting time together.

“I remember trying to think of like what I would say, like, am I going to call him dad?” Atiana recalls. ” “I had the cheeseburger in my room for, like, it’s probably still somewhere, to be honest.”

Luckily for her, her mother’s second husband, Travis Barker, filled the void in many ways. Oscar De La Hoya has thanked her many times for the support the drummer of the rock band Blink 182 and the current husband of Kourtney Kardashian gave his daughter.

Jacob also shared his pain at being left longing for a consistent father figure.

“He supported me financially, paid for my schooling. Other than that, he wasn’t that parent figure,” he said.

A father seen through the media

The documentary “The Golden Boy” reveals that media representations and external narratives shaped much of Atiana, Devon, and Jacob’s perceptions of their father.

Devon, especially, looked to the screen for a glimpse into his father’s life. The young boy’s harrowing experience of witnessing his father fight and fear for his life, only to be comforted by a screen, accentuated the emotional distance that separated them.

“He was like the guy on TV — on my YouTube. My mom tells me stories about the fight when he got knocked down. I was just screaming and crying because I thought he died in the ring. He raised me through a screen almost,” he recalls.

Oscar De La Hoya’s children reunite

Despite their separate upbringings, Atiana, Devon, and Jacob found an unexpected source of comfort in each other. The documentary captures a pivotal moment when Devon finally meets Atiana for the first time during a flight, triggering a transformative experience for both of them.

The newfound sibling bond allowed them to connect on a level that transcended their father’s fame, discovering shared interests and personalities. It was an emotional breakthrough for the two as they realized they had more in common than they had ever imagined.

Coping with the absent father: a path to healing

“The Golden Boy” unfolds as a powerful journey of healing and forgiveness. Atiana, Devon, and Jacob confront their father, expressing their feelings about his behavior and its emotional toll on their lives.

Their courageous confrontation leads to a turning point of growth and understanding, as Oscar De La Hoya acknowledges his mistakes and deeply commits to change.

The revelation of De La Hoya’s other children and the challenges facing his family begin to unravel the intricate web of complexities and struggles surrounding the legendary boxer’s life.

Meanwhile, Millie Corretjer, mother of De La Hoya’s youngest children, also finds herself navigating the difficult journey of raising children who yearn for their father’s presence.

In different interviews, De La Hoya has acknowledged his failures as a father. “I basically ran away,” he has admitted.

De La Hoya Family Embraces Forgiveness

The documentary leaves viewers with a message of resilience and family bonding. Atiana, Devon, and Jacob find strength in each other, forming a new sense of family that defies the weight of Oscar De La Hoya’s fame.

Through their shared experiences, the eldest children of “The Golden Boy” teach us that forgiveness, understanding, and unity can heal even the deepest wounds. 

The journey of Oscar De La Hoya’s family serves as a poignant reminder that, despite the shadows of fame, fortune, and heartbreak, love can mend old scars and forge a path to a brighter, more unified future.