Gloria Trevi, 55, has again been accused of abuse in a new lawsuit filed on December 29, 2023.

The fresh lawsuit follows the one hurled at Trevi back in December 2022, which alleged that the Mexican singer lured minors into a sex cult alongside music producer Sergio Andrade, 68. This time around, two more women, left unnamed as “Jane Doe 3” and “Jane Doe 4,” allege that Trevi “instigated” and “eagerly joined” in on sexual and physical abuse.

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According to Rolling Stone, who obtained the complaint, Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4’s United States filing occurred under a “lookback” window. This gave them the opportunity as purported victims of adult sex abuse to file the lawsuit, even though the alleged crimes happened in the 1990s.

This recent lawsuit is similar to Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2’s suit back in 2022, which claimed that both Trevi and Andrade used their “status and power” to “coerce sexual contact” with them. However, while the 2022 lawsuit indicated that the two plaintiffs were 13 and 15 years old at the time, the 2023 suit’s accusers were adults during at least some of their alleged abuse.

Here is what to know about the new lawsuit, filed just one day after Trevi accused Andrade of sexual abuse.

The two more accusers allege that Trevi “pushed” them towards abuse, and even threatened them with suicide

As per Rolling Stone, the new complaint accuses Trevi and Mexican singer and actress Mary Boquitas of knowingly luring women and girls into Andrade’s cult. The accusers state that Trevi “pushed” them towards Andrade’s sexual abuse. The suit also says Trevi warned that not submitting to him would “ruin” their careers.

In Jane Doe 3 says that in 1995, Trevi literally “pushed” her into the room where Andrade raped her. This happened when she was legally an adult, but still a virgin. She recalled the “Dr. Psiquiatra” singer telling her afterward, “You will not regret it.”

At least some of Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4’s alleged abuse occurred in Los Angeles for several years. Jane Doe 3 says the defendants’ abuse occurred in Mexico, the U.S., and many other countries until 2000. Meanwhile, both plaintiffs say that the accused covered up their alleged crimes. This cover-up may have even included ordering abortions.

Jane Doe 3 had more to say when it came to her accusations against Trevi. “Defendant Trevi would often knock on the door when Defendant Andrade was sexually assaulting Plaintiff Jane Doe 3,” the suit explains. It even alleges that Trevi would “ask Defendant Andrade to join in sexual acts with him and the victims.”

Even more, the complaint describes Trevi as much more than a “victim” of Andrade, as she has claimed in the past. It reads, “Defendant Trevi voluntarily and eagerly joined the acts and she touched other women and girls of her own volition, without instruction from Defendant Andrade.”

Meanwhile, Jane Doe 4 says that Boquitas lured her into Andrade’s sex ring when she was 23. The woman accuses Andrade of both sexual and physical abuse, while also saying that Trevi “instigated” her beatings. Jane Doe 3 also states that she received beatings.

As per the suit, Trevi allegedly “manipulated” victims. It also states that she threatened to “commit suicide” if they did not submit to Andrade’s sexual advances.

The December 2023 lawsuit against Trevi came just one day after she accused Andrade of sexual abuse

As reported by Variety, Trevi sued Andrade for sexual abuse on December 28, 2023. This suit came just one day before the two new plaintiffs filed their suit against her, Andrade, and Boquitas.

Trevi alleges in her own cross-complaint that Andrade “controlled, mentally and physically tortured, and effectively enslaved” her. It describes the singer as Andrade’s “most valuable asset,” saying she was the “woman he was most determined to control.”

The suit explains that Andrade’s “cultural power and influence” helped him “draw many young girls into his sphere.” It continues, “Once these young girls and women had been drawn into his sphere by dreams of stardom, he subjected them to total control and sadistic abuse — mental, financial, physical, and sexual.”

“Ms. Trevi was one of those young women,” it alleges.

Trevi’s countersuit also indicates that Andrade “brutally” physically abused her. It says that this happened “to the point of unconsciousness, as punishment.” According to the documents, Andrade also fully controlled the singer’s music earnings. Even more, it says that Andrade’s physical and sexual abuse led Trevi to consider suicide.

The singer told Variety that she remained silent for many years to not put herself through her “horrific abuse” again.

Similarly, as per Telemundo, she stated following her suit: “I have decided to take this legal action to fight for justice and send the message that such atrocious acts should not be tolerated.”

“I want to be in front of justice… and I’m hoping all of this becomes public,” she added.

Notably, Trevi and Andrade were arrested for similar alleged crimes back in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As per the Los Angeles Times, Mexican prosecutors issued a warrant for their arrest. Authorities charged both of them with rape, kidnapping, and corruption of minors.

Still, as Trevi wrote on Instagram last year, she asserts her innocence. “Being a victim of physical and sexual abuse is one of the worst things that a human can go through,” she wrote. “I say it and know it as a survivor.”

“I won’t stay quiet while they unjustly accused me of crimes I did not commit,” she added.