Camille Vasquez and fellow Brown Rudnick law firm partner Ben Chew sat down with Telemundo to discuss their decision to defend Gloria Trevi. The interview is a must-watch, with Chew saying there “could be a conspiracy to discredit” the singer.

Trevi, former producer Sergio Andrade, and one more defendant were accused of sexual abuse on minors in a lawsuit filed in December 2022. The suit alleges that they used their “status and power” to “coerce sexual contact” with the victims when they were 13 and 15 years old.

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While Trevi already served four years in pre-trial detention in Mexico in the early 2000s for rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors, a judge cleared her of all charges in 2004. That is precisely why attorney Vasquez says “It’s not fair that [Trevi] has to respond to these accusations again so many years later.”

This is what attorney Camille Vasquez and partner Ben Chew had to say about defending Gloria Trevi


“Creemos en ella”, dice Camille Vásquez, abogada de Johnny Depp que defenderá a Gloria Trevi. #Latinus #InformaciónParaTi

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Camille Vasquez and fellow attorney Ben Chew sat down with Telemundo, who spoke to them about their decision to represent Gloria Trevi in the lawsuit.

When asked about how she learned about Trevi’s case, Vasquez said the singer simply called her.

“She called me. I spoke to her and her husband Armando [Gomez], and I studied the case. I spoke to my partners, like Ben [Chew] and others working on it now.”

Vasquez’s decision to defend Trevi came after reading into the case. “I couldn’t say no, that I wouldn’t defend her. I couldn’t.”

Vasquez admitted she wasn’t so familiar with Trevi’s songs like “Dr. Psiquiatra” and “Pelo Suelto. That being said; her Latino parents were “impressed” about her representing the singer.

“My parents, of course they know about her. My mom is from Cuba, my dad is Colombian, so when I told them [Gloria Trevi] called me, they were really impressed.”

So why did the attorneys decide to take on the Mexican singer’s case? As Vasquez put it, “Because we believe her, and we believe in her.”

Chew added, “We believe that she is innocent. There is no proof against her. She is not guilty.”

Vasquez and Chew gave more insight into the lawsuit, including a “conspiracy” that could be behind the case

The Telemundo interviewer asked the two attorneys what they believe is behind the lawsuit against Trevi, Andrade, and one more defendant.

Chew replied, “I believe it is possibly money. And it could be a conspiracy to discredit Gloria.”

He continued, “She has enemies. And there are people that are jealous of her.”

Notably, the attorney later said: “Now, [Gloria Trevi] has money and [Sergio Andrade] doesn’t. That’s another motive for the plaintiffs to attack her.”

Vasquez told the outlet that the firm has responded to the plaintiffs’ lawsuit. “First, the most important thing is to say that Gloria Trevi is a victim, and she was a victim of Sergio Andrade.”

She added that they filed a motion to identify the names of the people who filed the lawsuit. Why? As Chew explained, “We wanted to know the names of the plaintiffs to find more witnesses and more evidence.”

And about the charges Trevi was exonerated from in Mexico back in 2004? Vasquez asserts it is “not fair” that the singer has to go through a similar ordeal decades later.

“Gloria Trevi was exonerated in Mexico,” she explained. “These charges, these accusations, were finished many years ago. It is not fair that she has to respond to these accusations again.”

Vasquez asserts that Trevi was “controlled” by Andrade

Still, as the interviewer explained, this new lawsuit deals with alleged abuse that took place in the United States — not Mexico. Vasquez replied, “But at the same time. Gloria Trevi was… controlled, and was with Sergio Andrade.”

“We always say that all these women are victims. But they’re victims of Sergio Andrade. They’re not victims of Gloria Trevi.”

While the “No Querías Lastimarme” singer has not recently responded to the lawsuit, she did release a statement about it in January 2023.

When the suit was first reported on, Trevi wrote on Instagram that she was “a victim.”

“Being a victim of physical and sexual abuse is one of the worst things that a human can go through, I say it and know it as a survivor.”

Still, she explained, “I won’t stay quiet while they unjustly accuse me of crimes I did not commit.”

The singer continued, “They were false accusations back then and are still false accusations now… I have the truth on my side.”