A new museum dedicated to iconic Mexican comedian Cantinflas is set to open in Mexico City in 2023. The already-legendary museum will house over 1,500 of Cantinflas’ personal belongings that he collected up until his death in 1993.

Cantinflas, born Mario Moreno, was at the forefront of Mexican cinema’s golden age, starring in movies like 1940’s “Ahí Está el Detalle” and 1941’s “El Gendarme Desconocido.” Starring in theater productions as well, Moreno eventually extended his fame over to the United States, nabbing a Golden Globe Award for his role in 1956’s “Around the World in 80 Days.”

The Santa María la Redonda-born actor and comedian was best known for his “pelado” roles, where he played characters living in poverty. Still, his comedy was remarkable, and he soon became known as the “Charlie Chaplin of Mexico.” Even Chaplin once said Moreno was “the best comedian alive,” and there’s no doubt he made people laugh all the way up until his last days.

Now, Cantinflas’ heir wants to make sure his legacy is preserved forever. Moreno’s son’s widow Tita Marbez is the late comedian’s official heir, and just announced the opening of the museum dedicated to his life. 

Speaking to Televisa Espectaculos about the museum, Marbez explained that her motive for creating the museum is “deep, real, and genuine,” all in the name of celebrating Cantinflas’ life. Focusing on his legacy first and foremost, the estate has already begun to collect money in order to set the construction of the museum in motion. 

Marbez is working with the architect Paul Zarquin on the museum, but explained that its construction has not begun yet.

The 1,500 personal objects will include Cantinflas’ pajamas, glasses, suits, shoes and photographs. Marbez says she has taken care of everything for the past 10 years, and that it is all classified and has been safely stored away until now.

She also described how Cantinflas’ objects “belong to the people of Mexico” so that they can visit and honor him “any time they want.” 

We can’t wait!