If you’re thinking about staying in Mexico City soon, why not book a night in the belly of a snake? While that might sound kind of odd, it’s completely doable if you’re talking about the epic, serpent-shaped Quetzalcóatl’s Nest.

The Mexico City home was designed by architect Javier Senosiain, who specializes in organic architecture and conceptualizes homes in relation to nature and the world around us. A graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1972, he also taught as a university professor.

Per Architectural Digest, Senosiain’s brainchild Quetzalcóatl Nest is a multicolored building that is completely inspired by Quetzalcóatl, an Aztec god. Quetzalcóatl is known as the “plumed serpent,” and is famously a mix of a bird and a rattlesnake. As the creator of the world, Quetzalcóatl is an omnipotent god according to Aztec tradition, and its power is surely embedded in every aspect of this epic Airbnb.

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is shaped like a snake to represent the Aztec god, and has a head and a tail. Walk through trippy tunnels with tons of round windows that look out into a garden, and stay in one of the rooms right in the belly of the “snake.” 

As can be seen in the Airbnb listing, currently going for $355 a night, the interior design is futuristic yet somehow also very 70s, all in all reminding us of a mix between Star Trek and a hippie castle. Yup, sold.

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The architectural feat looms over grassy, rolling hills and is truly a piece of paradise inside Mexico City. According to Airbnb, Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is meant to give guests an “immersive experience” within nature, which include gardens, scenic ponds and a buzzing ecosystem with even a few animals.  

Since the house was built to interact sustainably with its surroundings, the owners also ask guests to “respect” the environment at every turn. 

Airbnb host Patricia Castillo told Thrillist that the structure is “not destroying, it’s not competing — it’s observing nature and how you can copy the structures, colors, forms and integrate that into your way of living.” The 10-bedroom home stands on a 44-acre property, while the room available on Airbnb can fit up to 6 guests.

If you’re looking for a near-metaphysical, life-changing experience — whether spiritual or in regard to your life goals — a stay at Quetzalcoatl’s Nest might be just what you need. Castillo told the outlet, “Many of the guests have told me that they thought they were coming to stay in an apartment… they never expected to have a transformational experience.”

Castillo added, “This place is built to be in contact with nature. To go back to your origin. To question who you are, and what are your dreams.” So if any of that calls your attention, sleeping inside a snake’s abdomen might be the scratch to your itch.