“Lotería” is one of Netflix’s upcoming projects and people are excited to see Eugenio Derbez in the role. The Mexican movie star is helping to bring Netflix’s family adventure movie to life.

Netflix is getting ready to create a Lotería-inspired movie for all of us.

Lotería is the famous game often referred to as Mexican bingo. Players are given cards with images on them and one person draws from a deck and calls out the images. As the cards fill up, the first person to get four in a row win.

Eugenio Derbez will be starring in and producing the movie.

Credit: contodonetflix / Instagram

Derbez is one of the most beloved actors in Mexico and has been playing our characters for years. Seeing him as one of the big players is making would-be fans happy about the new project. It is still early in development but the movie will give people a look into one of the oldest and most beloved games.

There has been some pushback from some on social media because of the choice of director.

Credit: contodonetflix / Instagram

The movie is being directed by James Bobin, who directed “Dora and the Los City of Gold.” Some people have taken to social media to ask why a British director was asked to direct a Mexican story. In a time when representation matters and people want stories told authentically, people are upset that Netflix didn’t hire a Mexican director.

The filming wrapped in late June in Puerto Vallarta so now we wait.

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