A clip of Michelle Rodriguez is making rounds on the internet after she commented on Marvel movies at Comic-Con.

During an interview, the 44-year-old actress said it’s time to “get innovative” after so many films had been made by the entertainment company.

However, many people online are puzzled by Rodriguez’s comments. Especially since she stars in the “Fast & Furious” movies, one of the longest-running franchises ever.

Did Michelle Rodriguez throw shade at Marvel during Comic-Con?

Although the clip recently resurfaced on social media, Rodriguez said all of this during last year’s Comic-Con. On a brief interview with Extra, where she mostly teases the “Dungeons & Dragons” film that came out earlier this year, Rodriguez mentions the need for new ideas in Hollywood.

“Where can you go? How many Marvel movies can you make?” she said in the reposted clip. “Like, come on guys, at some point, we gotta get innovative with this.”


Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez calls out Marvel for making so many redunant movies

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Of course, Marvel fans quickly pointed out that Rodriguez is the star of a franchise that spans over 20 years and 11 films. “Fast and Furious” is a multibillion-dollar empire similar to Marvel’s multiverse.

On the original TikTok, posted by moviemaniacs, many people commented on some variation of the same thing: “How many Fast and Furious movies can you make?”

However, there’s just one issue, her comments seem to have been taken out of context.

Here’s what Michelle Rodriguez was actually trying to say

The eight-second clip posted by moviemaniacs is part of a more extensive interview that lasts nearly four minutes. Although half of that interview is spent hyping up the new “Dungeons & Dragons” movie, Rodriguez’s comments on Marvel illustrated a more significant point about big-budget crossovers.

In the full interview, she starts off by talking about her desire to see crossovers between franchises like “Transformers” and “Fast and Furious.” Then, she explains how studios don’t want to do it because they make less money.

Her response to that? “Bro, how cool would that be, though?”

“There’s so many movies I’d like to see merge,” she said. “The world is your oyster!” She then transitions to the point about there being too many Marvel movies. However, we can see how fans could’ve taken her comment as if she said crossovers must exist outside of the MCU.

It looks like there’s enough room for all the franchises to do crossovers, in Rodriguez’s eyes, after all.

Watch Rodriguez’s full interview with Extra here: