Mariah Carey is the queen of Christmas and Christmas music. Well, she is at it again with her new Christmas boop “Oh Santa!” The Queen of Christmas is joined by Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande to bring a little ray of light this holiday season after a crazy 2020.

First of all, Mariah Carey has heard your 2020 woes and has gifted you all a new Christmas anthem with “Oh Santa!”

“Oh Santa!” is an upbeat and exciting new Christmas tune that is here to save us from the depressive 2020 we have been experiencing. The music video is filled with lights, red and green outfits, three unstoppable divas, dancing elf, and a partridge in a pear tree. It is the second most exciting thing to happen in 2020, just behind the vaccine news for Covid-19.

The girl group for Santa is clearly an exciting achievement for Carey.

There is something so magical about these amazing ladies takin the stage in the music video and making our Christmas wishes come true. If you didn’t know you needed this festive mega-collab, give “Oh Santa!” listen. You quarantine 2020 Christmas is about to get so much better thanks to these three unstoppable divas.

Fans are living for the moment where Grande and Carey harmonized.

Not just a normal harmonization. Puh-lease. As if these women would do anything normal and expected. The two singers made it a point to harmonize their whistle tones and it was clearly the work of Christmas magic. Carey is basically Christmas personified so it just makes sense that she would be able to create this magically music Christmas moment.

The musical icons have such similar voices that this moment needs to be experienced by everyone.

It is truly a magical moment. Something to behold, tbh. There are few things in this world that can spark a lot of joy in people given the spectacularly terrible year 2020 has been but “Oh Santa!” does just that. We are literally here for any and all special moments to make the rest of this year even halfway better.

Thank you, Mariah. You have blessed us with something great and we can never repay you.

She has taken an otherwise disastrous year and given us something that will keep us moving forward. It gives you another song to play while FaceTiming your mami and papi this year so you can enjoy a spectacularly safe Christmas.

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