Luis Miguel is probably one of the Latin artists with more anecdotes. The secrecy surrounding his private life was almost hermetic until the success of the Netflix series about his story.

However, the resurgence of El Sol de Mexico in the public eye seems to be a new media strategy to give a new life to his career.

From his new love story to announcing his latest tour, Luis Miguel is on everyone’s lips.

And whoever is running his social media is doing a very good job right now.

When LuisMi met Frank

For those who watched the “Luis Miguel” series on Netflix, this is not a new story. However, the fact that Luis Miguel met Frank Sinatra is undoubtedly an incredible anecdote.

Just days ago, Luis Miguel caused a sensation among his fans when he took to Instagram to share this piece of history.

The post showed a photo of the letter sent by Frank Sinatra himself to the Sol de Mexico.

Luis Miguel’s talent definitely made a big impression on the singer known to everyone simply as The Voice.

It was in 1993 when Luis Miguel and Frank Sinatra met to record the song “Come Fly With Me” in Mexico. Although they could not perform it live due to their busy schedules, technology allowed their voices to come together on the album “Duets II.”

Apparently, it was then that Sinatra was blown away by El Sol’s talent, as he states in the letter.

Luis Miguel was a guest at Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday celebration

The singers’ friendship was cemented two years later on Sinatra’s 80th birthday. Luis Miguel was a special guest and was the only Latino singer present. El Sol de Mexico rubbed shoulders with legends such as Ray Charles, Little Richard, and Bob Dylan.

On that particular night, Luis Miguel sang the song they had recorded together for Frank Sinatra. The young Mexican artist expressed his joy at being there and revealed that he learned English by listening to Sinatra’s songs.

At the end of his performance, all the invited celebrities joined in singing “New York, New York,” one of Sinatra’s most emblematic songs.

But the story doesn’t end there

In addition to the onstage experience, Frank Sinatra wrote a letter to Luis Miguel congratulating him on receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996.

In the letter, Sinatra praised Luis Miguel’s talent and commented that he was “incomparable.”

One small detail makes it all the more special: Sinatra addresses him as “Micki,” the nickname known and used at the time only by his closest friends.

We can’t help but get excited with every revelation about the relationship between Luis Miguel and Frank Sinatra. Through the series and now this letter, we get even closer to the intimacy of these two great artists.

It is another testament to how music transcends borders and unites people from different generations and cultures.