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For Millenials who grew up in the era of Disney’s one-dimensional animated movies like “Mulan”, Christina Aguilera’s recent appearance will be a treat of great importance. But to really show you how important all of this is, let’s take a hop back in time.

The year is 1998 and Christina Aguilera is an aspiring pop star. After being chosen to sing “Reflection” for the new Disney animated film “Mulan” she catapults to number 15 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and steals the heart of every girl with a walkman. Aguilera’s “Reflection” proved to be the ultimate career maker. As the story goes, Aguilera had been asked to hit High E above Middle C to prove she was capable of singing “Reflection.” The singer ultimately successfully hit the note, and would later call it “the note that changed my life.” In a 1999 interview, Aguilera said that the same week she proved she could hit the note, she was signing contract papers left and right.

Now, almost 20 years after the “Mulan” song that made her career, Aguilera is introducing her song to its tale.

Over the weekend, the singer was seen introducing her 5-year-old daughter Summer to the titular character of the movie that gave Christina her big break.

In a post to her Instagram, Aguilera shared a video of Summer meeting the animated film’s heroine. In the photos shared in the post, Aguilera poses alongside the namesake that helped make her career.

“Fun family weekend at @disneyland ❤️❤️❤️ Shoutout to Mulan ???? 20 years later and the movie and its music is still so special to us #HappiestPlace,” Aguilera said in the caption.

In 1999, Aguilera shared what it was like recording the song for Mulan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

At the time, Aguilera recalled “My manager gives me a random phone call out of the clear blue one day while I’m just hanging out in my hometown of Pittsburgh. He’s like, ‘Can you belt the high E above middle C?’ And now this is known as the note that changed my life, because basically I had to prove that I could belt this note — like, full-on belt it — by Fed-Exing out, overnight, a karaoke tape of [singing over] Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Want to Run to You,’ which has that note, just like ‘Reflection.”‘

Watch “Reflection” here.