Karol G had quite the scare on Thursday night after her private plane made an emergency landing in Los Angeles. The plane, which is decorated with a heart on the side, made a safe landing at Van Nuys Airport at 9 PM. As reported by ABC7, none of the 16 passengers appeared to be injured upon landing.

On Friday, Karol G took to Instagram Stories to thank her fans for “worrying” about her. “My family, my team, and I are doing very well and we are thankful for a new opportunity,” the singer stated. “God takes care of us and blesses us every day with life and health.”

Here is what to know about Karol G’s plane scare, who may have been onboard, and her reaction upon making the emergency landing.

A private plane carrying Karol G and 15 other passengers made an emergency landing on Thursday

As per Harper’s Bazaar, Karol G and several other passengers departed from Burbank, California on Thursday night. All aboard the “Tusa” singer’s private plane, it is still unclear where the group was originally headed. Still, as per the outlet, they may have been flying to Guatemala City for Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito” scheduled tour stop on Friday, March 1.

Reports say that there were 16 people onboard, including Karol G, as well as possible family members and work associates.

As per ABC 7, the private plane’s pilot made the emergency landing after reporting smoke coming from the cockpit. Just around the time when the aircraft reached Cajon Pass, the pilot turned the plane around and headed to Van Nuys Airport.

On-the-ground videos show the plane’s emergency landing, as well as the “Cairo” singer exiting the plane. As you can see in the video, she embraces several people while on the tarmac:

As per Fox 11, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the incident. There is still no official word on whether Karol G will postpone her Guatemala City concert date.

All the best vibes for nuestra Bichota!