“Mi Camino es Amarte” actor Julian Figueroa, the son of Mexican music icon Joan Sebastian, was found dead in his Mexico City home last Sunday at 27 years old. His mother, actress Maribel Guardia, confirmed his death on her Instagram, saying he “unfortunately left this dimension” and that they feel a “deep pain” after his passing. Figueroa leaves behind his wife, Ime Garza, and his 6-year-old son José Julián.

The sudden death of singer Julian Figueroa has shocked everyone. However, his mother’s pain has been indescribable.

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According to what she said in a press conference, the actress can barely measure her son’s death.

“I don’t wish it on anyone. May God keep you in the palm of his hand,” Guardia said through tears. “There is no greater pain than burying your child.”

Heartbreaking news

Julián Figueroa, son of Maribel Guardia with Joan Sebastian, was found “unconscious in his room and with no trace of violence.” The medical report stated that the actor and singer died from “an acute myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation.”

Figueroa leaves behind a brilliant artistic career. He also leaves behind a beautiful family with actress Ime Garza.

But for his mother, the news has been devastating.

According to the actress, after cremating her son, she could not “land” in reality. However, she thanked the support of the people around her.

“I didn’t land yesterday yet, but today the house is so nice [after] the flowers arrived, so full of energy. I didn’t expect people to say such nice things to me,” Guardia said gratefully.

“Pray a lot for us so we can have courage,” the actress asked.

“And I pray to God that you get to see your children grow up, get married, and have grandchildren, and [see them] succeed and that your children bury you because there is no greater pain than burying a child. I don’t wish it on anyone,” she said during the press conference.

Julian Figueroa’s death leaves the world heartbroken

Apart from starring in the Univision telenovela “Mi Camino Es Amarte” as singer Leonardo Santos, Figueroa also portrayed his father in the series “Por Siempre Joan Sebastian” in 2016. While he had success as an actor, the 28-year-old was also a singer-songwriter, with songs like “Un Idiota” and “Yo Sería.” While Figueroa had released four albums since 2017, he was preparing for a new album release at the time of his death.

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While some outlets had already reported on Figueroa’s passing since last Sunday, his mother confirmed the news on Instagram on Monday. Guardia told her followers, “I’m sorry to communicate the passing of my beloved son Julian Figueroa, who unfortunately left this dimension too soon.”

The “Tú Y Yo” actress also described her son’s tragic cause of death. She said, “They found him unconscious last night in his room, while I was in the theater. They called 911 and when the ambulance and police arrived, they found him dead, without any signs of violence.”

While some reports had already pointed to a possible heart attack, Guardia confirmed them. She explained that the 27-year-old died of a heart attack and ventricular fibrillation. As Figueroa’s mother, the actress described her devastation. She said that while she would like to respond to everyone’s messages right now, she cannot “find the strength” to do so.

She asked everyone for privacy during this “painful moment,” saying all funeral rites will be done in private “alongside their closest loved ones and the people who loved him the most.” Guardia also said that she hopes to answer everyone’s messages at another time and thanked everyone for their “support and love.”

Figueroa had just paid homage to his father’s birthday one day before his death

Figueroa often posted about his late father, Joan Sebastian, on Instagram, paying homage to the iconic singer-songwriter and expressing his love for him. The 28-year-old posted a childhood photo of the two of them on Saturday, just one day before his death. The telenovela actor captioned the old photo with: “The last eight years have gone by so slow. Time tastes more bitter since your passing.”

The 28-year-old continued, “People say time fixes everything, but it’s a lie. It hurts more every day.”

He then said that he “doesn’t care” about his late father’s fame or his age-old title, “The People’s Poet,” describing he just loved him for being his father. Figueroa went on, “To hell with the Grammys, fame, and money. My only desire is to hug you one more time.”

The singer and actor ended the message with, “I love you, DAD, and if your death hurts, it’s because your life was so valuable to me.”

Last year, Figueroa posted another emotional Instagram birthday message to his father, writing about how much his 2015 death affected him. “I miss you so much, Dad, and it’s still hard for me to deal with the fact that I can’t hug you… I can’t help but feel anger because I didn’t get so many moments with you.” Calling the legend his “hero,” Figueroa said he “became a man” after his father’s passing.

Figueroa is the third of Joan Sebastian’s sons who have died. Trigo de Jesús Figueroa González was shot after one of Joan Sebastian’s concerts in Mission, Texas, in 2006, while Juan Sebastián Figueroa González was shot at a nightclub in 2010.

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