Fans around the world were quick to celebrate Johnny Depp’s victory, but no one could expect the actor’s Latina lawyer Camille Vasquez, 37, would become a celebrity virtually overnight.

Now that Vazquez sat down with Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca,” we’re finally finding out much more about her — and all those rumors of a suspected affair between her and Depp.

Since winning the trial, Vasquez is being chased around by paparazzi.

One woman infamously got a tattoo dedicated to her and her new fans continue to post viral videos of her on TikTok and Instagram. One TikTok video shows how fierce Vasquez was throughout the trial, throwing sustained objections on the grounds of hearsay, leading and more that made jaws drop in and out of the courtroom. 


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Another TikTok video shows Vasquez take on Heard in court, with questions like, “You did want something, didn’t you?” and “You wanted Mr. Depp’s money?” that visibly made the actress nervous — and showed the lawyer’s serious skill.

Even more videos are simply dedicated to showing Vasquez living her best life. In short, fans’ newfound obsession with the lawyer is very real. 


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Not surprisingly, several major outlets are capitalizing on Vasquez’s immense fame and interviewing the lawyer after her big win.

Making the rounds through the media circuit, including Good Morning America, TODAY, Entertainment Tonight and more, the lawyer has spoken out about how notoriety feels “surreal” — and how Depp felt so much “relief” after winning the case.

In her interview with “El Gordo y la Flaca,” the lawyer surprised viewers by only speaking in Spanish, paying homage to her Colombian-Cuban roots.

Interviewer Raúl de Molina explained how paparazzi were chasing Vasquez as she arrived at the interview, and also described how she “always has a smile on her face.” Additionally, the 63-year-old Latin media personality shared how she is one of the most charismatic people he has ever met.

Molina was quick to ask Vasquez about all of those pesky rumors about a possible affair between the lawyer and her client.

Many people have suspected a possible romance between them, especially when noting how supportive Vasquez seemed to be to the actor; their courtroom embrace on the spotlight. However, she promptly shut all suspicions down. She replied, “He is my friend, but he is my client first. And I love my clients.” 


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About those hugs, Vasquez explained, “He was going through a very difficult situation… and I am Hispanic. I like to hug and touch people. I gave him a hug because he needed it.”

So why did the lawyer never deny the relationship the many times she was asked about it when leaving the courtroom throughout the trial? As she explains it, “she couldn’t respond” because of trial rules.

Now that the verdict is said and done, Vasquez and Depp seem to have become true friends. The lawyer told Molina that Depp will spend his summer traveling through Europe and performing with Jeff Beck, and invited her to watch him play.

The lawyer also talked about how she celebrated winning the trial. The first thing she did? Call her family. She remembers how her parents were absolutely “speechless,” and her niece told her, “Bravo, tía.”