Gear up for the ultimate thrill ride as John Leguizamo takes the helm for an all-new season of the wildly successful ‘Leguizamo Does America.’

The MSNBC show is streaming on Peacock and is conducted by the Colombian actor. It showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of Latino culture and the contributions made by the community across the United States.

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According to the latest data from the 2020 census, 62.1 million Latinos call this country home sweet home. And guess what? That’s 18.9 percent of the entire population.

But here’s the cool part: Latinos have higher birth rates than other groups. That means more little superstars are joining the fiesta and strengthening the community.

Shattering stereotypes, showing the true essence of Latinos and sharing perspectives from prominent figures

In the first season, Leguizamo traveled to Puerto Rico and cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles to bring attention to the rich tapestry of Latino culture. He presented the stories of individuals within these communities.

Why is this adventure so important? Well, it’s all about smashing stereotypes, kicking misconceptions to the curb and painting a vivid picture of the true essence of Latino culture. So, expectations are high, and the audience is ready to be captivated like never before.

Additionally, the docuseries serves as a platform to explore and celebrate achievements and excellence by featuring prominent figures such as the host, George Lopez and Robert Rodriguez, who have made significant contributions to various fields.

It’s also relevant to see how new generations can get inspired by these role models, showcasing diverse paths to success.

John Leguizamo’s show promotes inclusivity and economic opportunities 

The project has also served as a stepping stone in creating job opportunities among Latino professionals.

By using Latino producers and creative direction, this collaboration not only provides opportunities in the media industry but ensures that the storytelling and portrayal of Latino communities is more authentic.

Another point to highlight is audience engagement. In terms of viewership, the show demonstrated the demand for diversity and representation. According to the latest report from Variety, it achieved higher viewership among adults aged 25-54 than any other MSNBC series.

This success has potential to encourage networks and content creators to invest in more diverse programming, ultimately fostering greater inclusivity across the media landscape.

“Yeah, yeah! Thank you to my fans and viewers! You did it for me! The most-watched original show on MSNBC in 2 years!” wrote the TV host on his Instagram account.

Overall, ‘Leguizamo Does America’ serves as a platform for representation, celebration, and engagement within the Latino community.