It was only a matter of time!

On Wednesday, news broke that Netflix will be rebooting the “Spy Kids” franchise. And to make the news even more exciting, the film’s original director, Robert Rodriguez, will reportedly return to write and direct the “reimagined” story. According to Variety, the film is being rebooted with “the intention to reimagine the franchise for today’s audiences.”

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Other than that, other information about the reboot is pretty sparse. There is still no word on plot details, casting decisions, or when the new movie will premiere. But for those who have been following Robert Rodriguez’s career closely, the news of a “Spy Kids” reboot isn’t exactly surprising.

It was just last year when Rodriguez talked about the possibility of rebooting “Spy Kids” when he was promoting “We Can Be Heroes” — a movie that was marketed as a pseudo-sequel to “Sharkboy and Lavagirl.”

“I’ve been getting calls from all kinds of studios: ‘Reboot Spy Kids.’ ‘Reboot Sharkboy,’” Rodriguez told Entertainment Weekly. “Of course [studio executives] want to. They’re all sitting at home with their kids.”

In the past, cast members from the original trilogy even expressed interest in reprising their roles, with Daryl Sabara (who played Juni Cortez) telling TMZ he would “of course” return to the franchise. “Let’s go. Let’s do it,” he said.

“Spy Kids” was the rare children’s movie that featured a Latinx family as main characters. And according to Rodriguez, that was an intentional creative choice.

“For me it was a big victory… to have the kids in ‘Spy Kids’ be a Latin family,” he said at a virtual Comic Con panel in 2020. “The studio was like, ‘Why are you making them Latin, though, why don’t you just make them American?’ They are American, they’re based on my family.”

“There were no roles being written for Latins at that time, back in 1999, nor were they being cast,” he said. “If I wasn’t Latin, I would have given up the fight.”

Of course, Twitter users have strong opinions when it comes to the “Spy Kids” reboot news.

After all, “Spy Kids” was a formative movie in a lot of people’s childhoods!

This person had faith that Robert Rodriguez will do justice to the original:

This Twitter user is willing to give it a chance, but doesn’t think any reboot can capture the magic of the 2001 version.

This person is wary of the news that it will be “reimagined” for “today’s audiences.”

This user, like many Twitter users, has no intention of queuing up the reboot on Netflix.

And this user just hopes that the reboot will capture the energy of the first movie while leaving out the corniness of the franchise’s later installments.