“Everything Everywhere All At Once” actress Jamie Lee Curtis just came out in support of Colombian singer Karol G over on Instagram amid the singer’s GQ cover fiasco.

The “Gatúbela” star took to her own IG last week to speak out against her recent GQ México cover, which was heavily edited. After Karol G told her followers that cover “doesn’t represent her” and that she feels “happy and comfortable with how she looks naturally,” millions rallied in support. Now, it seems like Curtis is #1 on that list, which means we’re already hoping for a “Freaky Friday” sequel with Karol G in it. We can dream.

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Jamie Lee Curtis posted her support for Karol G “bringing awareness” for body positivity

The 64-year-old actress took to Instagram to post Karol G’s new GQ México cover, which shows a heavily-altered body and face. So much so, that many fans have labeled the photo as unrecognizable. Curtis captioned her post with, “I’m so happy that Karol g is bringing awareness to an issue I have been concerned about for a long time. We are human beings. We are not AI.”

That’s exactly what Karol G did in her IG post, reminding fans that her face and body “do not look like that,” and that the magazine heavily edited her photos. The singer said she imagined the publication thought she “needed all those changes” to look good, and said she “understands the consequences” impossible beauty standards have on people. As the “Cairo” singer put it, the edits were “disrespectful” to her and all the women that look to feel comfortable in their bodies despite societal expectations. She said what she said, and we love her for it.

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In short, Curtis wasn’t kidding when she said Karol G is bringing awareness to natural body positivity. Plus, with more than six million likes on Karol G’s post (and counting), it seems like many people are just as sick of fake, filtered “perfection.”

The 64-year-old star is happy to see a “younger person” like Karol G join the movement against unattainable beauty standards

Curtis continued, calling the heavy edits on photos on social media and magazines alike a “genocide” against natural beauty. According to her, the situation is “alarming” and in dire need of conversations— like the one Karol G opened last week. Still, the “Freaky Friday” actress said she is “very encouraged that a younger person is joining the chorus of disapproval” alongside her.

How does the actress see societal beauty standards right now? “The cosmeceutical industrial complex wants you to look in the mirror and hate yourself and then buy their bulls**t.” Yup, that just about covers it!

All we can say is that we love to see one queen supporting another. Plus, can we just say we’re kind of freaking out about Curtis and Karol G following each other on Instagram now? These are two worlds we never thought would collide, and it’s a 2023 bendición in our eyes.