Another day, another Anuel AA drama. Amid his recent separation from pregnant wife Yailin La Más Viral, plus reportedly never meeting his baby daughter with Melissa Vallecilla, it seems like the reggaetonero just shot an indirecta at superstar ex Karol G. The Medellin-born singer just released her latest breakup anthem “TQG” alongside Shakira— and it seems like Anuel AA may have hung onto every word.

First, a little bit about Karol G’s new track ‘TQG

Karol G released a new album, “Mañana Será Bonito,” last week, and with it, one of her most epic tracks ever.

“TQG” is a collab to end all collabs, bringing together “La Bichota” and “La Loba” to basically end their exes— the title does stand for “te quedé grande,” after all.

Karol G and Shakira join forces to sing: “You left, said you were over me and got a new girlfriend… What she doesn’t know is you still watch all of my [Instagram] stories.”

There are also tons of lyrics about not making “mistakes twice” and refusing to compete for men. The song says, “Seeing you with the new one hurt, But… I forgot everything that we lived, and that’s what got you offended.” Plus, there’s that very interesting lyric about the man in question wanting to come back… and even “liking” one of their photos on Instagram.

After their long-winded relationship, Anuel may have taken the song personally

So that’s where Anuel AA comes in. The “La Jeepeta” reggaetonero and Karol G had a much-documented, tumultuous relationship that lasted from late 2018 to April 2021. At the time, Anuel said they “tried to recover what was lost but took different paths,” while Karol G said they had a “beautiful love” but had ended their relationship. That said, while neither has confirmed any infidelities, cheating rumors continue to swirl as the main cause of their breakup. We guess that will remain a “Secreto” forever.

Once Karol G released her new song “TQG,” though, it seems like Anuel may have taken the lyrics personally. Days after the song’s release, the reggaetonero took to Instagram to post several photos of him at the gym. Okay— but the main reveal was all in the caption.

All about Anuel’s cryptic Instagram post

Anuel AA wrote, “Friendly debate: Why is Anuel AA so unforgettable?”

He continued, “Possible theories: A) the pearl, B) the tongue, C) the incredible sex, D) all of the above.”

Does it get worse? Better? You be the judge: “My opinion is that this pearl has made me the most unforgettable man on the face of the earth! #Heartbreaker.”

Okay, lots to unpack there. For one, what is all this about a pearl? As per Telemundo, Anuel told a reporter in 2018 that he had surgically attached a pearl to his penis. He explained at the time: “In less than a second, they get the stone and put it on you.” Do we want more details? Not really, but at least we have clarity.

Now, about all that “unforgettable” talk— fans immediately signaled that Anuel’s caption was a cryptic dig at ex Karol G. The reggaetonero undoubtedly knows about his ex’s new “TQG” single and chart-topping album, so fans saw the caption as quite coincidental… or not. The Colombian singer did tell New York Times she wrote many songs about “anger, sadness, bad love, [and] toxic relationships” simultaneously as their breakup.

Plus, Karol G recently said in an interview that she lived “a similar situation” to Shakira’s breakup from ex Piqué, which was… arguably horrible.

Fans suspect Anuel’s IG caption is about his ex Karol G

In short, there’s little doubt some of the lyrics in “Mañana Será Bonito” are inspired by her rollercoaster relationship with Anuel— and he surely took notice.

As you can expect, the comments section under Anuel’s post is currently chisme central. Fans can’t stop suspecting the post is an indirecta muy directa to Karol G, and they’re not afraid to fire shots themselves.

One user wrote, “At least [Karol G] uses you to make money; you’re just known as an ex.” Another chimed in, “She remembered you to send you a message saying you’re ‘muy tragaíto’ still looking for her, but she doesn’t repeat mistakes.”

Another chose a different route: add an option “E” to Anuel’s multiple-choice message. The IG user commented, “E) No one will surpass Karol in my life.”

We told you, shots fired.