Eva Longoria is bringing us all a series that will actually make us want to eat our screens. Titled “Searching for Mexico,” the CNN Original takes us on a culinary ride through six destinations in Mexico: Yucatán, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Veracruz. In the trailer, we see Longoria revel in all the delicacies, exclaiming: “Every time I eat Mexican food, I’m happy.”

Everything we know so far about “Searching for Mexico”

The trailer is a feast for the eyes, showcasing Mexico’s immense beauty while bringing its diversity to the forefront. Not to mention all the food — from tacos, to conchas, to a shot of tequila, it all looks mouthwatering. As Longoria says, the series is all about exploring how the country’s “people, their lands, and their past have shaped a culinary tradition as diverse as its 32 states.”

We can’t wait to watch this series— and Longoria is just as excited as we are. She posted on Twitter, “Can’t wait for y’all to see this and journey with me through Mexico.”

Honestly? We’re just as pumped to come along. The actress and producer also tweeted that they “slow cooked” the show just like a “traditional mole sauce”— which clearly makes the series a must-watch.

Did we know we needed a Longoria-led culinary travel series through Mexico? No, but now we see all we were missing. While the actress talks about being born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the show is also about her honoring her roots… and always wanting “more salsa.”

In the trailer, Longoria talks about how Mexicans are “so secure in who they are” and where they come from. That emotion is honored everyday in their dishes: as the 47-year-old star describes, Mexican chefs are true “storytellers,” putting their history on the plate.

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People are very on-board with the upcoming series

Over on Instagram, the actress said she is “beyond excited” for this show to air, and for everyone to see “Mexico’s diversity, richness and of course, incredible food.” She’s not the only one who is seriously excited — as one IG user commented, “Thank you for bringing the beauty that lies in the rich and diverse Mexican culture! I will be watching!”

Another user chimed in, “I do not know the secret to happiness. I do know that I have never been sad in a Mexican restaurant” — which is reason enough to watch the series. Yet another future viewer wrote, “Woooo can’t wait to watch it❤️ I may be a lil biased (being of Mexican descent) but I believe we have the BEST food in the world 🇲🇽.” Mexican or not, there’s no doubt this series is set to be an epic adventure.

Eva Longoria recently said she wants everyone to “see firsthand” how amazing Mexico’s food, people, and culture are. Even moreso because her love for those things grew deeper during filming. She explained, “The journey allowed me to further appreciate and fall in love with my roots.”

If the trailer is any indication, we will soon see Longoria traversing through one of the “world’s greatest food destinations,” and “never being [so] excited” to eat before. And before its premiere, we’ll leave you with this video of the actress making enchiladas at home:

Eva Longoria’s “Searching for Mexico” premieres on CNN on March 26.