While we’re very against disrespectful tourists climbing up the Temple of Kukulcán at Maya archaeological site Chichén Itzá, we’re wondering — do dogs get a pass? As the ancient ruins continue to have a “problem” with stray dogs, one video shows how some of them even climb up the pyramid. Are they being summoned by the gods? Or just having fun? All we know is that they’re super cute… and clearly can’t read the “no climbing” sign.

TikTok account @mullstagram reposted the now-viral video of two dogs recently climbing up Chichén Itzá, but added a hilarious touch. Yep, the “Jesus Christ, Fenton” sound that will bring you straight back to the early 2010s. We’re going back, probably a bit too back for Gen Z, but that’s okay! Who else remembers that viral “Fenton” video that quickly became a legendary meme? Check out this video for reference, and prepare to laugh:

While Fenton’s poor owner just wants him to stop chasing deer at southwest London’s Richmond Park, you see the black Labrador having way too much fun to stop. The owner calls out, “Fenton!” and “Jesus Christ, Fenton!” over and over, but Fenton (and the deer) are off. The cutest, lesser-known part of the video? Fenton was originally meant to be a guide dog for people who are blind, but was “unsuitable” for being too playful. We’re still obsessed.

So now we’re just wondering, is Fenton up to his old tricks again? While we don’t know if Fenton made his way over to Chichén Itzá or not, we do know that those two dogs climbing up the pyramid are just as traviesos — and cute.

As you can see in reposts by several outlets, these two dogs’ recent climb made headlines — and people can’t stop joking about it. While actually-disrespectful human tourists climbing up Chichén Itzá’s historical sites is cause for reasonable fury, the attitude towards the dogs is understandably different.

Over on TikTok, one user joked: “Fenton is being summoned by the gods,” and honestly? He might be. Another wrote, “They get a pass 😂” while someone else imagined: “Plot twist, the dogs are spirits.”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user related to the video, and we get it (so much): “My dog don’t listen to me either😂😂😂.” Same, same.

Yet another viewer wrote, “The no climbing rules don’t apply to the puppers,” and tons more agreed: “It’s okay dogs defended such places in the past. 🥰.” While there’s no doubt dogs could also cause damage to the ruins, what do you think?

This is by no means the first time tourists see dogs climbing up El Castillo, in fact— it’s actually relatively common. This video from 2021 shows a dog climbing all the way to the top, as tourists laugh. Meanwhile, these photos show several dogs “chillin” at the top. Tons more abound on social media, so what gives?

As explained by Yucatán Magazine, there is an issue with stray dogs at Chichén Itzá. Officials have tried to “clear” them out since 2021, giving them medical attention and sterilizing them. As per the outlet, the archaeological site prohibits animals from trespassing onsite.

While we hope these dogs find a loving home, here are pictures of the cute pups for your viewing pleasure: