In yet another episode of “what were they thinking,” we have exhibit #15674: a woman majorly disrespecting Yucatán’s Chichén Itzá. For reasons unbeknownst to anyone (why? porque?) she trespassed a Mayan pyramid — and angered everyone around her.


this is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people 🇲🇽 #chichenitza #disrespectful #mayanpyramid #vacation #crazy #viral

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This is why you don’t dishonor the Mayan pyramids — or the ancestors

As shown in a now-viral video posted by TikToker @angelalopeze, this is exactly why “you don’t disrespect historic Mayan pyramids”— because people will rightfully put you in your place. And let’s not even get started on what the ancestors have planned for you!

The video shows how a blonde woman climbs up the side of Chichén Itzá’s ancient Temple of Kukulcán, which is prohibited. She escalates the side of the pyramid, reaches the top, and even seems to go inside the building. Once she comes out, a crowd has formed around the structure, with countless people yelling, “Out,” “Lock her up,” and “Jail!”

Bizarrely enough, the unnamed woman seems unbothered — in fact, she dances for the crowd and takes her sweet time to come down. The amount of people crowding around her is impressive, and a testament to how many people care about the sacred site. 

At that point, you can see fear on the woman’s face as she goes through the angry crowd to leave the Mexican archaeological site. That’s what you get for dishonoring the gods (and annoying the other tourists, of course). 

As per the video, the woman walked through the crowd as many people threw water and plastic bottles at her. People continued to record, as many others yelled at her.

The original poster of the video captioned it with, “This is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people 🇲🇽,” and we could not agree more. 

Times have changed… and allegedly so have Chichén Itzá’s rules

Meanwhile, some people took to the comment section to talk about how “at one point you could climb” up the pyramid. As one commenter wrote, “I’ve been… When was a kid I got to climb it back then… they let you go up there but i imagine now it’s too delicate and needs to be preserved.” Still, the act is prohibited now for a reason, because protecting the historic site is crucial for our cultura – for years to come.

As one TikTok user explained, “For people saying ‘well, you were allowed to climb before’, they stopped it because… it damaged the foundations. I personally prefer to preserve the Chichen Itza.” Same! Another user questioned why people want to climb it in the first place. “It’s so steep, and it’s historical. I mean one mistake and they’re tumbling to their death.”

And you might be cursed, so no thanks!

Instagram account @perolike reposted the video, and let’s just say the comments had us rolling on the floor. One IG user commented, “Ay Karencita,” while another chimed in, “K’uk’ulkan about to get her…” Yet another person pointed out that the crowd’s response is “nothing compared to what the gods might do 😳,” while another said this is “a curse waiting to happen.”