David Beckham, 48, is more than just an English soccer icon. The London-born former Manchester United player is also the co-owner of Miami soccer team Inter Miami CF, the proud dad of four children, and… a Juan Gabriel fan, just like us.

The soccer legend posted a video on Instagram this week showing how he prepares burritos with his 11-year-old daughter Harper Seven Beckham.

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As he wrote in the post, it was “Burrito Saturday” in their household, which is relatable.

Beckham called his adorable daughter his “little helper” while excitedly describing ingredients like beans, “salsa” (i.e. pico de gallo) and chicken legs.

And while the video has the electronic 90s-style song “(It Goes Like) Nanana” by Peggy Gou running through most of it, by the end, the Beckhams showed what artist they were really listening to.

Yes, they were jamming to El Divo de Juarez… and we feel seen.

Beckham said they were making burritos while celebrating Eva Longoria’s “Flamin’ Hot” movie release

As you can see in the video, Beckham describes how they were making burritos “inspired by the ‘Flamin’ Hot’ movie by Eva [Longoria], our friend.”

He then points to the rice he and his daughter were making and tons of fresh ingredients in their fridge. Did anyone else pause the video to see inside the fridge? Just us? Okay.

Beckham then points the camera at his daughter Harper Seven, dancing away to “No Tengo Dinero” by Juan Gabriel. Was she dancing salsa to a song that isn’t salsa? Yes.

Do they reference making “salsa” when it is actually pico de gallo? Also yes.

Still, as one Twitter user put it, the moment was “giving them life”:

Later in the video, you can see how Beckham and his daughter continue making burritos in their (epic) kitchen. At that point, Harper shows how she continues dancing to Juanga’s iconic lyrics like, “No tengo dinero ni nada que dar, lo único que tengo es amor para amar.”

Is it ironic the Beckhams are dancing to a song called “No Tengo Dinero” in that kitchen? Yes, but at least we’re sure those burritos came out pretty good… and they get points for their 10/10 music taste.

Fans continue reacting to the soccer star being a Juan Gabriel fan

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: David Beckham is admittedly swoon-worthy. There, we said it! So, many users on social media are calling out his Juan Gabriel fandom as yet another quality to swoon about.

Over on Twitter, one account wrote, “Apart from handsome, that man has great [music] taste.” We have to hand it to him — he has a top-tier burrito-making playlist.

Another Twitter user wrote, “David Beckham making burritos with his daughter while they listen to Juan Gabriel is everything that’s alright on Instagram.”

Yet another compared Beckham to a lucky lottery ticket:

While one Twitter user just said they “loved” it:

Over on Beckham’s Instagram, many people were struck by the moment, too. One fan commented, “Aww!! You played Juan Gabriel!! 😍 Awesome!!” Another suggested, “Listen the music Los Angeles Azules 👌🏻.”

Meanwhile, this is many of us right now: