Chances are, there’s a big Chayanne fan in your family — and statistically speaking, it’s you, your mom, or your abuela.

Why? Well, because the Puerto Rican singer is as much of a good dancer as he is heartstoppingly charismatic. Many of us grew up with his romanticón songs like “Dejaría Todo” and “Yo Te Amo,” and some of us (cough, cough) might have even had a Chayanne poster on our walls.

Apart from his singing and dancing skills, the “Humanos a Marte” singer is also just known as a 10-out-of-10 nice guy. For one, he’s a family man, happily married to his wife since 1992 with two children.

Plus, he’s so dedicated to his fans, he has said he would only cancel a concert if there’s a natural disaster. Yep, it makes sense why tons of fans have Chayanne pillows in their homes — really.

Well, the Boricua is at it again. Now he’s making a fan with cancer’s lifelong dream to meet him come true. The TikTok interaction between them is exactly the heartwarming content we needed today.

This lifelong Chayanne fan with colon cancer dreams of meeting the star in person

Last month, Tania Hernández posted a TikTok video of her mother, who has colon cancer. In the clip, Hernández asks her mom what she would do if she ever met Chayanne.

She replied, “Dios de mi vida, it would be my lifelong dream. And if I meet him, I hope he brings me a blanket with his face on it.”

Why the blanket? Simple: “So I can say I sleep with Chayanne. I love him so much.”

The next day, Hernández posted a follow-up video, where she asks her mother to send a message to Chayanne. She pleaded with fellow TikTok users to help her get the video to the star, writing, “God willing, my mother’s dream comes true… Thank you for your support.”


Respuesta a @sayuuri68 DIOS QUIERA Y SE LE CUMPLA ESTE SUEÑO A MI MAMÁ… Gracias por su apoyo @Chayanne #cancerdecolon #deseos #enfermedades #quierocumplirmisueño #viral #colonoscopia #quimioterapias #regalo10demayo #diadelasmadreschallenge

♬ Dejaría Todo – Chayanne

In the follow-up, the TikTok user’s mother spoke directly to Chayanne. “I don’t want to cause you pity, but I have colon cancer. And I would like to meet you before I get [angel] wings.”

“We have three grandchildren, three children, that I want you to meet. I want to keep going strong for them.”

She continued, “I want to see you, hug you, see how you smell. You surely smell really good papucho.”

The fan finished her adorable message with, “I want to meet you. I’m Lady Chayanne.”

As you can expect, the bittersweet, heartwarming video went immediately viral. Amassing 1.5 million views, TikTok users tagged Chayanne incessantly — and the star noticed in a big way.

Once Chayanne replied to the viral video, it was time for Hernández to tell her mother the news

The TikTok video received thousands of comments. One user wrote: “Hopefully she meets him, it would be amazing and the most important thing for her to heal.”

Another commented, “We want Lady Chayanne to tell us how you smell.” Meanwhile, countless more simply tagged the singer so he could see the video.

Chayanne eventually saw the video — and promised to meet his loyal fan.

The “Tiempo De Vals” singer commented yesterday, “Thank you for the love. People like you are the ones that inspire me everyday. You are going to be my guest when I go on tour. 😘🤗” Even WE are freaking out right now!


Respuesta a @Chayanne GRACIAS @Chayanne por tu amor y tu bondad nos haz hecho muy felices … Gracias también a todos por su apoyo Dios los bendiga 🙌🏽🙏🏽🥰🤩 #ladychayanne #chayannerasomos #chayanneteamo #papuchodepapuchos #nadiesalelastimado #lamagiadeltiktok #chayanneoficial #chayannetiempodevals #madretierra #emocionada #feliz #sisepudo #amorverdadero❤ #mamaehijos

♬ sonido original – Tania Hernández

Of course, it was time for the fan’s daughter to share the amazing news with her. Yesterday, Hernández posted a TikTok video showing exactly how she told her mother she would meet Chayanne.

The daughter wrote on the video, “[My mother] had her seventh chemotherapy treatment yesterday, and now she will receive beautiful news.”

You can tell Hernández’s mother doesn’t suspect a thing when she tells her to read something on her phone. Once she reads the name “Chayanne,” she looks immediately shocked (same) and asks for her glasses stat. We need to read this clearly!

“He wrote to me!” She starts crying and screaming, asking, “When? When?”

The mother and daughter embrace, as both cry, laugh, and cheer. The lifelong fan reads the message, saying she “will wait” for Chayanne to tour her city Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Mexico. “Te amo Chayanne. Don’t forget my blanket.”

The daughter captioned the emotional video with, “THANK YOU Chayanne for your love and kindess, you made us very happy… Thank you also to everyone for your support, God bless you.”

Also, here’s some Chayanne blanket inspo, just in case you needed it today: