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Every once in a while, a celebrity doppelgänger pops up and catches everyone’s attention. Sometimes, these doppelgängers look so uncannily like a famous celeb that they build entire careers around their similarities. Most recently, an everyday civilian looked so much like Cardi B that she went completely viral.

New York City hairstylist Claudelande Jeanbart posted a TikTok video of her doing a customer’s hair. People immediately pointed out that her customer looked exactly like Cardi B.


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And judging by Cardi B’s “Up” playing in the background, it seems like Claudelande knew exactly what she was doing when she posted the video. In fact, many TikTok users thought that Claudelande was Cardi’s new hairstylist!

Tons of Cardi fans flocked to TikTok’s comment section to express their shock over the Cardi doppelganger, or “Cardi C” as she was soon dubbed. “Damn, the moment you realize this isn’t Cardi,” wrote one TikTok user. Another person wrote: “I thought that was Cardi without makeup.” “My mom used to say people were created in 2,” wrote another. “I think we’ve just met Cardi‘s twin/doppelgänger”.

The TikTok video soon went viral, racking up over 350,000 views with almost 3,000 comments. It was soon revealed that the Cardi doppelgänger was a 26-year-old New York woman named Ashley.

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Beauty magazine Allure even tracked down Ashley to ask her to comment on the viral TikTok about her. According to Ashley, she wasn’t totally surprised that people thought she looked like the Bronx-born Dominicana rapper. “Everywhere I go, [I hear] ‘she looks like Cardi B.’ They’ll say it under their breath, and I’ll hear it,” Ashley told Allure.

And, while Ashley may be flattered, she doesn’t quite see the resemblance. “I literally try to look every time somebody says it, but I don’t see it,” she told Allure. Ashley also shared that, after the TikTok video went viral, she was nervous about her newfound viral fame. But, she says that most of the comments directed towards her have been nice.

On Claudelande’s Instagram page, the hairstylist tagged Ashley’s Instagram page, creating an influx of followers for the look alike. And on Ashley’s personal Instagram page, her resemblance to Cardi B is even more striking. In some pictures and videos, you could even swear it’s Cardi B herself.

Not everyone is convinced, however. There are a few die-hard Cardi fans who swear that Ashley looks nothing like her.

Of course, there will always be those people who are super territorial of their idols. One commenter’s child was especially adamant that Ashley and Cardi didn’t look similar. “I said this look just like Cardi B my three-year-old said NO SHE DOESN’T and walked out my room,” wrote one TikTok user, with a plethora of laughing emojis.

There were, of course, the naysayers on Twitter who said that Ashley doesn’t look “one bit” like Cardi B. But we have to disagree with them on this one. In fact, we would like to see Ashley and Cardi B in the same room sometime soon just to make sure that Cardi B isn’t pulling a Hannah Montana on all of us…