Cardi B, 30, just made a pit-stop on “Hot Ones” to eat spicy wings drizzled with the infamous “Da Bomb” hot sauce, talk about her “love” of learning about Franklin D. Roosevelt, and how she just wanted to “go home to her kids.”

Let’s just say the interview was very Cardi — even including a hilarious abuela impression (but more on that in a bit). In fact, many viewers say this “Hot Ones” episode is “one of the best ones ever.” Who knew the “Drip” star was such a history buff?

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The episode took on a wide range of topics, including Cardi B’s love of vintage Mugler designs, not including her “pain” in her music, and how “annoying” it is to make “clean” versions of her tracks. All we have to say is: “Baby, eat these peaches and plums.” IYKYK.

All jokes aside, though? Arguably, the best part of the interview was Cardi B talking about her love of all things World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt — to whom she actually relates to. Did we expect the interview to take a turn to “the art of war”? No, but that’s exactly why we loved it. Buckle up.

Cardi B said that going to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home “stayed in her mind for a long time”

One of the most interesting parts of the “Hot Ones” episode was when interviewer Sean Evans asked Cardi B about her appearance on Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.”

During the episode aired back in May 2022, Cardi B and Letterman ate at a local deli in New York City’s Bronx borough, where the “Bodak Yellow” rapper grew up. While that was cool enough, Cardi B said on “Hot Ones” that she “didn’t really care” about eating a sandwich with Letterman too much.

Nope — her “favorite” part of her time with Letterman was when the two visited the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park.

“What stays in my mind for a long time, is that I went to [Franklin D. Roosevelt’s] house,” she revealed. “If anybody loves me, knows me, I love FDR. Yes, and I love Eleanor Roosevelt.”

She continued, “He got us through the Great Depression, went to war, only president that got elected four times, while he was in a wheelchair.” Turns out, Cardi B is the history teacher we didn’t know we needed!

Although the rapper’s discussion about FDR might be surprising to some, she actually spoke about her fandom for the former president in the past. In fact, she told Bernie Sanders during a filmed discussion back in 2019, “I have a couple of reasons why I love FDR.”

“He became a president when America was in one of its worst times,” she said that year. “So, for me to know that a president did that, I mean, come on, he did the New Deal. Like, that’s the reason we have Social Security.”

Adding, “It just amazed me that he came up with all of those things, plus [he had] personal problems. He had polio,” she said. “I love him. He’s my favorite.”

Over on her “Hot Ones” episode, Cardi B’s admiration for FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, was just as apparent. “She had a very sad life,” she described. “She had a different house from her husband, because FDR’s momma was always around, and she didn’t really like that.”

“Eleanor wanted her space, just like me, I want my own space all the time,” the rapper added. One more thing the two surprisingly have in common? Cardi B and Eleanor Roosevelt also share a birthday: October 11.

The more you know!

The rapper is also very into the “art of war” — but doesn’t believe in aliens

Apart from describing her respect for President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor, Cardi B also brought up her “obsession” with learning about war.

In fact, one of her favorite parts of visiting FDR’s home was finding herself in a historic room related to World War II.

“I saw the room where [Winston] Churchill and FDR were talking about [the nuclear bomb]. That’s crazy to me,” the rapper told Evans. “I’m obsessed with war. I’m obsessed with World War II. Just learning everything about it.”

Talking about all things war, Cardi B has some pretty valid reasons for why she doesn’t believe in aliens. Her main point? They haven’t tried to conquer Earth yet.

“I don’t believe that aliens are real,” she asserted. “If aliens are real, and they’re smarter than us, I feel like… why haven’t they just invaded us?” The “WAP” star may have a point there.

“It’s the art of war,” she said. “If they’re so smart, like people think that they are, they would have been invading us.”

As one X user described, this entire “Hot Ones” conversation has all of us “screaming” right now:

And yes, people are very surprised at the rapper’s wide array of interests. As another user wrote on the platform, “It’s interesting to find out that someone like her is a WWII history nerd.”

And as yet another X user put it, “It is so cool how passionate she is about such a random topic… Never in my life would I [have] thought Cardi B would be freaking out over FDR and Churchill”:

Now, without further ado, here is Cardi B’s impression of her future abuelita-self talking about what a “bad b**ch” she was when she was younger: