Cardi B is proving she’s a libra for the law by serving her court-mandated 15 days of community service— and major looks while she’s at it. While the fashion is by no means the most important part of the time served, as one Twitter user put it: “I get so much serotonin from Cardi B’s community service outfit posts.” We do too.

Here’s why Cardi B is doing community service this month

So let’s back up — why is Cardi B serving the hours in the first place? As per Billboard, courts ordered her to complete 15 days of community service in September after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges. These charges were connected to a physical fight she partook in back in 2018 at a Queens strip club.

While the singer initially missed her January 17 deadline to complete the community service, authorities gave her an extension. Now, as social media shows, she is dedicated to serving those 15 days— and has already “learned so much.”

Cardi B’s time with veterans moved her emotionally

The “Bodak Yellow” singer served at least part of the time at a facility for military veterans, and was emotionally-shaken by the experience. She took to IG Live to talk about it, describing, “I have learned so much things these past two days, and I have learned things about myself.”

She continued, “You know we all celebrate Veterans Day… but I don’t know anybody who’s been to war… I don’t know any veterans.” Maybe that’s exactly the reason speaking to veterans at the center moved her so deeply.

Cardi B talked about veterans’ basic needs, their plight once they return from war, and how many are sadly forgotten by much of society. She said, “They go through so much and like this country — or a lot of countries… they don’t, like, provide proper service to our veterans or ex-soldiers.”

Talking about how many veterans “turn to drug abuse because they trying to escape” their memories of war, she reminded viewers to be empathetic. “You might see somebody shooting dope in the train… that’s most likely a veteran that is going through so much mental s**t and has fought for our country, and because he couldn’t get the help he needed, he’s in that situation.”

As she puts it, she quickly realized many veterans’ situations are “so sad that it hurts.”

She also recently volunteered at a local school, and gave students advice

Meanwhile, the “I Like It” singer also volunteered at a school— and gave students sage advice. An uncovered video (not all heroes wear capes) shows exactly what the singer said: “What is the point of… selling drugs… when you can’t even sleep at night knowing the police is behind you?”

She told the kids, “Don’t get influenced too much with the fast money,” and advised them: “Stay focused… go to college… Google how much you want to make a year… and take those classes [for those] careers.”

Cardi B’s best advice? “Don’t take the fast route, the fast route never works.” We didn’t think we could love her more, but here we are!

After her sentencing back in September, Cardi B said she is trying to set an “example” to “instill” in her children. She explained, “I’ve made some bad decisions in my past that I am not afraid to face and own up to” them. The singer described how her past does not define her, and it is not “reflective” of who she is today.

She said: “I’m looking forward to moving past this situation… and getting back to… the music and my fans.”

We can’t wait either— even though we don’t want her community service outfit-of-the-day posts to ever go away. As one Twitter user put it, “I smile about my f**k ups the same way Cardi B jokes about her community service… Maybe it’s a Libra thing.” Maybe it is.