Mexican group AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is a vibe. The self-proclaimed “anti-boyband” raises a ruckus with rising artist Lil Benjas in their new music video for “Grave.”

AQUIHAYAQUIHAY recently signed with Steve Aoki.

AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is made up of members Jay-lee, Neqer, Phynx, Zizzy, and Nehly. They recently signed with DJ Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak En Fuego, the Latin division of his growing label. The five guys in the group have been on the come-up since the release of their debut album, 2019’s Dropout. “Grave” is one of the songs on 🙂, or Feliz EP.

The guys go Mad Max in the “Grave” music video.

Not only can the guys of AQUIHAYAQUIHAY sing, but they have lyrical flow. In “Grave,” they blend their R&B sound with a Latin trap twist. Lil Benjas fits in like one of the group members. AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is just looking for a good time and the guys make a convincing case for that no-strings-attached kind of life.  

“This type of happiness [in ‘Grave’] that’s a bit toxic because you’re breaking up an existing relationship, but it’s not your fault because that relationship is already broken,” Zizzy recently told Teen Vogue.

The cinematic music video for “Grave” was shot in Monterrey. The grungy stars of AQUIHAYAQUIHAY are partying in a post-apocalyptic world and they’re not going to let the world possibly ending get in the way of their fun. The guys squad-up with Lil Benjas and move on with baseball bats in-hand.

AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is as unconventional as the band’s rejection of classifications and labels. With the 🙂 EP, the guys also released the 🙁, or Triste EP. Both EPs reflect different moods and are AQUIHAYAQUIHAY’s first releases with Dim Mak En Fuego.

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