Anya Taylor-Joy hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the season finale and, of course, she delivered. Her sketches were hilarious, her looks were stunning, and her opening monologue was everything.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s latest SNL appearance was inspiring.

Taylor-Joy starred in Netflix’s wildly successful “The Queen’s Gambit.” The show followed a chess prodigy as she went on to world fame and global domination in the sport. Her performance was sensational with millions of people being inspired to purchase chess sets to learn how to play one of the world’s oldest games. She stuck with the chess theme as the host of the sketch comedy show’s finale.

She started the show tapping into her Latinidad.

It isn’t always that Latinos see themselves represented in media like this. To see Spanish highlighted on SNL is still so incredible because we need more representation like this. Hearing her switch so easily into Spanish to intro the upcoming show was a perfect way to start the finale.

Fans are reminiscing about all of her time on the SNL stage and with the cast.

The actress has delivered great moments on the show and her bilingual monologue sits towards the top of that list. Taylor-Joy has brought stunning looks and funny sketches to the long-running comedy show. Her latest appearance was also the first time in over a year that the SNL cast was able to perform for a fully vaccinated audience in over a year.

Taylor-Joy’s SNL appearance is one of the first visible signs that we are slowly getting back to some kind of normal. There is still a little ways to go but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting closer every day.

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