Anya Taylor-Joy is the lead of Netflix’s newest hit show “The Queen’s Gambit.” The show follows a girl in an orphanage who ends up being a chess master. While rocketing to stardom for her talent, Beth is grappling with her own addiction.

Ask anyone and they will likely tell you that they both watched the show and loved it. The show starts with a young girl showing off her impressive chess talent while in an orphanage in the 1950s. After that, she beings an unexpected rise to fame that riddled with addiction to pills.

Anya Taylor-Joy brings Beth Harmon to life on the Netflix show. Her portrayal is one that stands out among the many performances that have caught our attention during the year os quarantining and working from home. People are just realizing that the actress is also Latina.

People were not expecting Taylor-Joy to be fluent in Spanish.

If you do a little digging on the Internet it becomes clear that she would be fluent in Spanish. Not only is the actress Argentinian, she was raised in Argentina. Understanding that would help to make sense of the actresses sudden ability to speak Spanish with the ease of a native speaker.

People are already calling for her to be cast in the next Evita adpatation.

Tbh, yes. Yes to every bit of this idea. Imagine having a Argentinian who can speak perfect Spanish and can easily be done up to look like Evita playing Evita. It would be a rare moment for Hollywood to cast someone perfectly suited for a role based on their background and language perfection. Let’s make this happen, people. Taylor-Joy should be the next Evita.

If she can make Beth Harmon so real and loveable, imagine what else she can do.

Do yourself a favor and watch “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. The show will keep you captivated through every episode and you’ll be supporting Latina talent as a lead in a major show.

Way to go, Anya. We love to see it.

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