People on social media are debating a recently resurfaced interview with actress Anya Taylor-Joy, where she discusses people cyberbullying her because of her eyes. In a conversation published by W Magazine, however, the interviewer didn’t hesitate to ask Taylor-Joy about it. According to some, they are especially wide-set.

For the most part, people are defending the actress’ appearance, but it’s worth looking back at the interview to remember that we should all stop commenting on people’s bodies.

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Anya Taylor-Joy discusses her appearance with W Magazine

In the original interview, Taylor-Joy initially opened up about her struggles with cyberbullying. “I was really upset about it and I didn’t enjoy it,” she said. She also noted how she avoided mirrors following one particular online interaction. Someone tagged her in a picture of a fish, writing, “This is you ’cause your eyes are like here,” she said.

She says she first noticed her appearance in school, when kids would make fun of her on the playground. “It became common knowledge in the playground that if you wanted me to catch a ball, you had to throw it at the side of my head,” she noted. However, the bullying only intensified after becoming a public figure.

Even now, though, the cyberbullying about her eyes continues.

Most people, though, are calling the actress beautiful…including herself

However, her defenders have something to say about the haters.

The Taylor-Joy stans then came out in full force to drown out her detractors.

The actress herself is definitely more comfortable in her own skin, however, according to this 2021 red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The worst part, however, is that all of this Taylor-Joy eye drama resurfaced just one day before her 27th birthday! Unofficially known as “Anya Taylor-Joy Day,” fans still showed up in droves to show her some love.