While International Women’s Day saw a flood of social media posts admiring and pushing forward powerful women everywhere, one post in particular caught Brazilian singer Anitta‘s eye — and she wasn’t having it.

The “Envolver” star’s record label Warner Music Latin posted an Instagram video showcasing all their talent, including Anitta herself. But after “a month” of failed alleged conversations with the CEO to let her out of her music contract, the singer chose to speak out.

This is what Anitta had to say about Warner Music and her current contract

The Rio De Janeiro-born superstar took to IG Stories to voice her distress, writing her comments over Warner’s Women’s Day post about her. She wrote, “They posting me on a Happy Women’s Day looping post even though I had to go public to ask for the ‘woman respect’ that this date represents.”

In short, Anitta called out the record label for hypocrisy, going one step further. She included her hit “Envolver,” the first song by a Brazilian artist to top the Spotify Global Chart — and the song Warner famously didn’t believe could do well enough on its own. Back in December 2022, she explained on IG Live, “[Warner] said the song wasn’t going anywhere and that I wouldn’t have the sway to release it alone [without a feature on the song].” However, the track became one of the most important songs of the year — even without that Justin Quiles collab that came later.

Here’s the music video that spawned one of the most viral TikTok dances to ever exist:

Anitta also referenced “Envolver” in her IG tirade, writing, “Using on the background the song they said would never break without a [feature because] I wasn’t strong enough for that.” Ouch.

The singer asked her label what she really wanted for International Women’s Day

The star continued, explaining to her fans all that is happening beneath the glitzy surface. “On this Women’s Day, instead of a cute post, I would love to have the CEO doing what he promised me a month ago, after I asked how much it is to finish the contract and he said THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN.”

The Brazilian singer seemingly turned to the label’s CEO, asserting, “Respect ME, the young woman, giving at least a little real importance to the fair, honest, and respectful talk I asked [to have] with you, instead of sending your lawyers.” Left no crumbs.

Anitta said she already accepted the “sad, unfair fact” that she is the “major investor” in her career, and simply asked the label to do their “job”: “PROMOTE MY MUSIC.”

This is why Anitta considers herself the main “investor” in her career

By talking about being the “major investor” in her music, the 29-year-old was probably referring to having to pay for some of her own music videos. As per Billboard, she once took to IG Live to speak out against paying for her own music videos when Warner refused to. She said, “They only invest after it pays off on the internet… Unfortunately, there are things I can’t get, that’s why I don’t buy millionaire cars, because when I want to do something, I pay for it.”

Paying for her own music video for “Gata,” she alleged that the label only invests in songs if they hit it big on TikTok.

The star also posted a screenshot of an email she sent to the CEO, where she wrote, “That’s how Warner Music is, we gotta keep asking for the things you are supposed to naturally do.”

It seems like Anitta hopes to buy herself out of her contract, explaining to fans she has asked the label for a “fair” price. However, she calls her attempts “useless tries.”

Words of advice from Anitta herself to all artists starting out

By the end of her desahogo, she decided to give a paragraph of advice to all “young artists” starting out. She said point-black, “Watch out for everything you sign,” continuing: “I was so young and naive when I did this sh*t to myself more than 10 years ago.”

She said “it doesn’t matter how small you are,” you will eventually “grow and see yourself stuck [in a loop] that doesn’t change,” calling the situation completely “frustrating.”

The singer said the situation makes you feel like “nothing can get worse” and that it can make you “lose all the love and passion” you have for the important part— the music. Moreover, she called her current situation an “insane fight.”

Over on social media, fans are using the #FreeAnitta hashtag, commenting on Warner Music’s now-infamous post. One fan wrote, “If you are not interested in promoting her music, with everything she achieved and the awards she won, end the contract now… #freeanitta.” Another chimed in, “I’m ashamed that I once gave you credibility #respectforanitta.”