If you’re gearing up for the September 28 release of the Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” like there’s no tomorrow, you’re not alone. 

The Netflix movie’s official trailer is absolutely jaw-dropping, with viewers around the world noting how lead actress Ana De Armas’ resemblance to Monroe is downright-uncanny. Now, the 34-year-old actress sat down at a Venice Film Festival press conference to talk about the filming experience— and there’s much to discuss.

Once you see the trailer yourself, it’s easy to see why: Cuban actress De Armas’ demeanor is completely transformed into the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” icon, down to the sly smile, breathy voice, and of course, her platinum blonde hair. Meanwhile, even though some people criticized the actress for having too much of an “accent” to play the legend, a representative for the Marilyn Monroe estate said “Ana was a great casting choice as she captures Marilyn’s glamour, humanity, and vulnerability.” Take that, haters. 

At the press conference, De Armas let audiences into the filming process behind “Blonde,” and let’s just say things got a bit eerie. One point we can’t stop thinking about? De Armas and the film’s director Andrew Dominik felt Monroe’s presence while making the movie — as in they felt her ghost.

As reported by Variety, De Armas explained, “I truly believe [Monroe] was very close to us, she was with us.” The much-anticipated movie was actually filmed in two locations that were very special to the late Hollywood icon: the apartment Monroe grew up in, and the house she died in. Even more spine-tingling? Production started on August 4, the anniversary of the “Some Like It Hot” icon’s death.

With even the director describing how they were “chasing [Monroe’s] ghost around,” De Armas clearly invoked the actress in more ways than one — surely making her resemblance to her that much more uncanny. De Armas told the press, “[Monroe] was all I thought about, she was all I dreamed about. She was all I could talk about. She was with me, and it was beautiful.” Continuing, De Armas described how “It was a very strong sensation that was something in the air. And [Monroe] was approving of what we were doing.”

With Academy Award bells already ringing (we haven’t even seen the movie and we already know she’s our Best Actress), it’s clear the “No Time To Die” actress took method acting to the next level with this film. She explained that she “didn’t want to protect” herself from Monroe’s tumultuous life and complex emotions: “It was important that I experience all of it.”

In fact, as per Deadline, De Armas also spoke about connecting to Monroe’s “pain and her trauma,” which was many times “uncomfortable, dark and vulnerable.” By the end of filming, it wasn’t so easy to let go and start fresh: “I felt that heaviness and that weight in my shoulders and that sadness that was hard to shake off, but I don’t think I wanted to either.”

Another tidbit from the press conference that stuck out? De Armas’ reasoning for taking on the role in the first place. The 34-year-old explained that she “didn’t do the movie to make other people change their opinions” about her, and that it simply was “a gift” to herself. 

We can’t wait for this movie.