Here’s a look at 13 if the cutest and most fierce hairstyles to try out when rocking your natural curls.

Splashes of color on your natural fro.

This larger-than-life look mashes a mainstream trend together with your most natural and chicest roots.

The twist out afro.

If you already know how to do the big twist out, this one should be fairly easy. Section your hair out into large segments around your head and twist each section to the ends and leave in over night. For a look that mimics the curls of 3B hair, use curlers instead.

Blonde rizos.

This immaculate Fall-look can be achieved with your natural hair and a good dye job. Be sure that when you dye your rizos any color you consult a professional who deals with curly hair.

Braids and a power beret.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with berets, it might be interesting to know that the flat hat that often gets associated with French style has quite a bit of Spanish (not Latino) roots. The look which is guay très chic or elegante has often been used as a revolutionary symbol. Nail the fiercely rebellious look for all your feminist marches and acts this fall with your curls, afros, and braids underneath.

Blown up and out tinted rizos.

Color isn’t just a summer look. This look rocked by an attendee of the AfroPunk 2018 fest can be worn all year round if you just pick the right shade.

Fall colors on your locs.

Prep your OTT Fall looks by rocking the colors of the season on your hair. For chicas looking to switch up their summer locs, tinting your hair can be a fun way to go. Aim for deep hues the color of fall leaves and you’re sure to end up with a look that turns heads.

Afro of natural colors.

Blonde, bronze, or red may or may not be your natural color, but there’s no doubt that a good hair stylist can help you to wear the hues on your natural rizos. For fall, consider doing the opposite of what many women with straight hair do during the sign and consider lightening your hair up.

Chunky locs.

Current trends tend to dictate that braids and locs are a summertime style, but those of us who’ve seen ourselves, primas and tías wear the look since for as long as we can remember, know that this is far from the truth. Braids and locs can be a year-long look, especially if you pick the right style. For those looking to do locs for the first time, consider breaking out the big sections for your look and opting for a chunky style that’ll pair well with your turtlenecks and sweaters.

The undercut afro.

Undercuts are the trend that has no end. While they’re mostly great for staving away summer heat when the fall leaves come, consider a cute fade (90s style) to carve out your afro look.

The parted out afro.

Imagine this look with a classic turtleneck. Achieve it by parting your hair after you’ve done a wash. Do a twist out, let dry and then let go girl.

The bundle of knots.

We’ve already seen the bundled pony-tail being rocked by celebrities on red carpets and there’s no sign of the style-trend fading away when the sun’s in hiding.

The half up half down poof.

This play on a classic, no-frills look is easy to get together and also super chic. Vamp up your regular half-up, half-down look by moving your ponytail to the top of your head and fluffing it out like bangs.

The Afro that grows everywhere.

You know what look is relevant all year round? The look that is completely natural. Embrace your everywhere hair this fall and guaranteed you won’t have to wear as many layers as you did last season to keep warm????.


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