Randy Gonzalez, the father in famous TikTok duo Enkyboys, has died of colon cancer at age 35. He is survived by his wife Kimberly, and their three children Aubree, Brice, and Lauren.

Gonzalez and son Brice made us all laugh with their hilarious skits and voice-overs

Alvin, Texas-based Gonzalez rose to fame on social media as part of the hilarious duo Enkyboys. Gonzalez and 7-year-old son Brice made their 15-million-plus TikTok followers laugh with their skits over the years. The father-son duo specialized in voice-overs, and Gonzalez showed the world his family’s immense talent. Who can forget this video of the family singing in the car? Or this legendary voice-over that showed everyone Brice’s insane acting talents?


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All in all, the Enkyboys TikTok and Instagram pages quickly amassed a combined total of more than 17 million followers. It’s easy to see why: their heartwarming, funny videos made our days just a little bit better, without fail.

Plus, there’s no doubt Randy’s work ethic brought his entire family to success. In fact, as their videos gained traction, his son Brice got huge acting opportunities. The child actor now stars as Chance in the George Lopez sitcom “Lopez vs. Lopez,” and is set to appear in the Eva Longoria-directed film “Flamin’ Hot.” Before his untimely death, Randy Gonzalez set his family up to prosper — creating his legacy.

Back in April, Gonzalez shared his “devastating” diagnosis

By April 2022, Gonzalez had tragic news to share. He posted an Instagram video telling his followers he had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer six months prior. Gonzalez explained doctors gave him “two, three years to live,” or “five years” if he went through chemo. He said, “I didn’t know how to take it. It was devastating.”

From the very beginning, Gonzalez had a mission— raise awareness for colon cancer, which continues to rise in the young adult Latino population. As Gonzalez told his followers at the time, it all started when he developed pain in his upper abdomen. His wife told him to get a colonoscopy, which is when they discovered the cancer. Gonzalez described that he hoped his story would inspire more young people to get regular colonoscopies.

Tragically, Gonzalez’s doctor told him: “Regardless [of] what you do, you’re a dead man,” which left the star completely “lost.”


My family and I appreciate the love and support let’s keep this going for colon cancer awareness #enkyboy #enkyboys

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Still, Gonzalez made it his mission to increase colon cancer awareness until his very last days. He told his Instagram followers, “Enkyboys is going to stand for colon cancer awareness from now on.”

Gonzalez raised awareness for colon cancer to make sure others get checked

In fact, he partnered with the Sugar Land Space Cowboys to bring awareness out on the field by throwing the first pitch. Gonzalez also worked with wellness companies to give away free juice packages to “help people with their health,” posting a video on the importance of “feeding your body the correct way.” He also posted several videos about his battle, constantly inspiring others to get checked.

Back In August, Gonzalez posted a video alongside son Brice to say the tumors were getting smaller, and thanked everyone for their prayers. The 35-year-old always put his faith first, captioning the video with, “GOD IS GOOD.”

He also wrote on Instagram, “Regardless the situation you’re going through always put God first and you will accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

As per TMZ, Gonzalez was denied at a cancer center at the University of Texas because they didn’t take his insurance. Enkyboys started a GoFundMe in response, which has already raised more than $250,000 and counting. Gonzalez wrote on the page that he set it up to pay for his treatments at MDAnderson, and to help “bring awareness for Colon Cancer to all young men who are not familiar with it.”

At the time, Gonzalez thanked everyone for the constant “love and support,” and very aptly wrote: “F CANCER.”