Salma Hayek shared a bite of Mexico with attendees at the Golden Globes carpet this year! The photographers and reporters in attendance caught the “Puss in Boots” actress holding a Pulparindo in one hand and two mazapáns in the other.

Appearing alongside her co-star, Harvey Guillen, Hayek talked about how excited she was to attend the ceremony, present an award, and go up against her friend Guillermo del Toro for Best Animated Feature. Although del Toro ended up winning for his “Pinocchio” movie, all eyes were on Salma Hayek’s… Pulparindo bar.

A hilarious video from the grey carpet pre-show starts by focusing on Hayek before slowly zooming in to the Pulparindo in her hand. It’s a video that perfectly captures what it feels like to realize what it is she has in her hand, beginning on her face before the camera diverts its attention to the candy and only the candy.

Turns out she grabbed the goods from a candy suitcase set up by the brand, Pero Like.

Hayek has not been up for a Golden Globe since 2003, when she received a nomination for her titular role in 2002’s “Frida.” The same role also gave her a first and only Oscar nomination. However, the actress was happy to attend as a supporter and presenter. Besides her fistful of Pulparindo, she was clearly having a blast celebrating the “Puss in Boots” sequel with her costars.

The HFPA is still trying to get its s— together

This year’s Golden Globes ceremony was a particularly controversial one, which is really saying something for an awards ceremony known for attracting controversy. It’s a well-documented fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, or HFPA, is a deeply corrupt organization.

In 2011, a movie starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie released the year prior, “The Tourist,” ended up with a Best Picture nomination despite its 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Similarly, the HFPA handed three nominations to the critically reviled 2010 film “Burlesque” after an all-expenses-paid vacation to Las Vegas. Voters were gifted expensive dinners, top-notch hotel rooms, and a performance from Cher herself, who starred in the film.

In fact, 2021 saw Hollywood shun the HFPA entirely. They refused to participate in a Golden Globes ceremony until the association cleaned up its act. The HFPA has apparently begun that process. However, it remains to be seen how much change we should expect in the years to come.

Until then, Viva el Pulparindo!