There’s a story behind every funny meme or viral video on social media. For Rigley Beans, the infamous dog that looks confused, it’s all about having the perfect attitude at the right moment.

Using the popular ‘Story time’ trend on TikTok, owner Laney Harlan revealed what happened when she caught that viral clip of Beans. Turns out it took place in the living room while listening to the viral audio of creators Maple and Tyler about how dogs, in the past, lived outside and fought for meals.

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The video, posted on September 20, has amassed over 8 million views and garnered thousands of likes and comments.

“Here is the original video with no sound. His siblings at home were playing rough, and Beans was confused about what was going on,” the influencer revealed in response to online inquiries.


Replying to @Giack Non here is the original video with no sound. his siblings at home were playing rough & beans was confused ab what was going on

♬ original sound – Laney Harlan

Rigley Beans, the lovable Boykin Spaniel, joined the family last summer

Beans is a Boykin Spaniel. According to the American Kennel Club, it is a breed known for being easily trainable, cheerful, energetic, and great with kids and other dogs.

All these traits shine through in the social media videos Laney shares with her followers, featuring Beans and his three furry siblings. 

Since Rigley’s arrival last summer, his owner has documented their adorable adventures — beach trips, first pool day, road trips, stylish outfits, and even birthdays.

“Curly boy is a year old today. A whole year of not sharing toys, a lot of snuggles, taking up the bed, hating the car, and being mom’s favorite boy,” Laney proudly announced on May 5.

Laney expresses her pride at the furry friend replicating the viral meme, and thanking users for their support.

The pup has captured hearts worldwide

Social media users adore Beans and keep creating versions of this charming meme — some hilarious, others spot-on.

Many users agree this meme is their go-to:

One user commented, “I’ve developed powerful feelings for several dogs on the internet, but none have affected me as deeply as this one.”

Moreover, there are people expressing gratitude towards the creator: “Thank you for bringing joy in a tough time.”

Meanwhile, on TikTok, people are creating their original memes.

“When you ask a simple question at work, and it turns into a meeting,” shared one user.

“Me: I don’t really care about drama. Me at the lunch table.”


Who needs reality tv when Susan from accountings got beef 🤷🏻‍♀️ #trend #confuseddog #fyp #workhunour #viral #Meme #MemeCut

♬ original sound – Rosa Parks Mom 😍🤭

Many people can’t resist and even refer to this year’s Miss Universe Pageant on X.

Others think cyberspace should consider it the meme of the year.