Bad Bunny tickets are officially out for the artist’s “Most Wanted Tour,” which will run from February to May 2024. The pared-back tour will visit arenas (not stadiums) around the United States, visiting cities like Los Angeles and Chicago before closing out in Miami. Sounds great, right? Well, at least according to fans, the ticket prices mean Benito is on his “villain arc.”

We get that Bad Bunny’s tour is called “Most Wanted,” recalling hootin’ tootin’ Wild West outlaws… but many fans say the ticket prices are daylight robbery. And as one X user‘s meme hilariously put it, the event should really be called the “Most Wanted For Scamming Tour.”

Another reason the singer might have given his tour that name? As another fan wrote, “It’s the ‘Most Wanted Tour’ because I WANTED to go but can’t afford it.” We’re crying and laughing at the same time:

So what are these exorbitant prices anyway? Well, one look at Ticketmaster and it seems like most of the tour dates are still on presale, or say “Coming Soon.” Still, as per Billboard, ticket prices range from $200 to more than $1000.

As one X user showed in a screen recording of the pre-sale for Dallas, Texas, the highest-up “nosebleeds” section seats were priced at $198 plus taxes and fees. Standing room rang up at $956, while closer general admission seats were in the $700 range. As the user described, “Well, looks like I will not be going to Bad Bunny’s tour this time.”

One lucky fan found a nosebleed ticket for $131 — but then realized Ticketmaster still needed to add on “almost $100 extra.” They wrote, “I need to watch Ticketmaster burn.” Yet another X user posted, “Bad Bunny’s tour tickets have the most ridiculous prices i’ve ever seen. [What do you mean] the first level is $700 per ticket?”

At this point, we might try anything to get Bad Bunny tickets. We may even go back to elementary school for a second and sell the World’s Finest Chocolate. LOL:

Without further ado, here are some of the best memes that make light of the crazy prices. As they say, laughing cures a broken heart!

Why are Bad Bunny tickets expensive? Well, at least these memes poke fun at the situation

What is the reason for the high “Most Wanted Tour” ticket prices? Well, the arena tour marks Bad Bunny’s step back from stadiums. As you may remember, his “World’s Hottest Tour” was an extravaganza supporting his chart-topping album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” and took the star to stadiums around the world.

This time around for his upcoming arena tour, there may be more demand because there are fewer seats available.Plus, even though Ticketmaster created a pre-sale for fans to fight reselling bots and scalpers, fans aren’t so sure it worked:

In fact, StubHub is already offering tons of “Most Wanted Tour” tickets, with some Miami “nosebleed” seats going for $500 or more. One 300-level seat is even going for $720, and some 100-level tickets are currently at $2,700 on the platform. Whew.

Maybe Ticketmaster was Rocky Balboa-style ready for the scalpers, but did it work?

Meanwhile, here’s a real-life visual of us entering Bad Bunny’s presale room:

Bad Bunny may be on his Kardashian arc now:

Is this Ticketmaster after selling all of those $1000 Bad Bunny tickets? No tenemos pruebas, pero tampoco dudas:

If you’re a “millonario” who bought “Most Wanted Tour” floor seats, please pass our resume to your boss:

This X user posted an exact portrayal of us logging into Ticketmaster for the presale… and then seeing the prices:

We can’t wait to get altitude sickness at the upcoming tour! Yay:

Us? We’re still shook:

As the iconic Maddy Perez put it, “B**ch, you better be joking” with the price of these Bad Bunny tickets:

Maybe Benito wanted to break another record as the world’s “Most Expensive Tour”?

If you ever wanted to reconnect with your padrino or madrina, maybe now is the time?

If we want to attend the “Most Wanted Tour,” we’re toning down our DoorDash and Uber Eats orders for… a long time:

Still, as much as Bad Bunny’s fans complain about the prices… the tickets will probably sell out (if they haven’t already). Yes, here’s the villain arc again:

Is this all part of Benito’s Kardashian era? Take us back to the “YHLQMDLG” era please!

Is Bad Bunny trying for all of us to pay his ex Carliz De La Cruz‘s $40 million lawsuit against him? Now that’s a theory.

Why are we feeling so seen right now? Our check engine light has only been blinking for a week:

Did we know 21 Savage and Drake’s song “Major Distribution” would actually be a brujería-style prediction about these ticket prices? A “robbery,” indeed:

“Amorfoda” Benito, we miss you: