Quinceañera photos are like a time machine, capturing the journey to womanhood, according to Latino tradition. That is why sisters, Jenny and Sophia Orellana, wanted to break the mold and take the spotlight in a breathtaking photoshoot by Lake Michigan.

The teens’ mom, Susy Melendez, shared with mitú how she missed out on her 15th birthday celebration because of her family’s financial circumstances. Determined to rewrite the narrative, she set out to turn her daughters’ dreams into a reality.

“I was proud to celebrate both of my daughter’s quinceañera. My first born, Jenny, always dreamed of having a big quinceañera,” she recalls. “My youngest daughter, Sophia, didn’t want one at first, but after seeing most of her cousins having one and her oldest sister wanting one, she changed her mind.”

Dressed in pink and blue, the quinceañeras stunned at sunrise

Jenny, 16, shared that photographer Vini Rodriguez, of ER Studio in Addison, Illinois, had the creative idea to do their photoshoot amidst this enchanting spot of Chicago.

She revealed that capturing these beautiful shots demanded an early start, around 2:00 a.m. They headed to Lake Michigan, where at 5 a.m. they were perfectly positioned and ready to catch the sunrise.

Sofia and Jenny Orellana

“Me and my sister had such a good time getting in that cold water, though. It was freezing, but it was all worth it at the end,” said Jenny to CBS News.

Sophia, who turned 15 on August 26, expressed feeling happy with the results and being able to share this unforgettable memory with her best friend.


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“I had such an amazing time, and to share this experience with my sister was just a blessing. I love how we got to coordinate the colors of our dresses,” she said. 

Adding, “We wanted these colors since we were little girls; how we’d dreamt about it and how it came true was magical. Jenny had wanted blue since she was a kid, and I wanted to match her, so the best color we found was rose pink.”

Taking quinceañera photos in water is a new trend

As traditions change over the years, Gen Z has embraced new ways of taking their quinces photos, as showcased on TikTok.

You can find several videos and snapshots capturing quinceañera in the water as it gains traction and popularity. Some young ladies prefer to decorate a pool with flowers.

Others are a little more adventurous and choose to climb a mountain and enter the river.

Others prefer going to the beach.

One thing’s for sure: they all look beautiful.