A quinceañera is supposed to be one of the best days of a 15-year-old girl’s life — a tradition largely stemming from Aztec culture that has symbolized a rite of passage for centuries. Plus, they include tons of fun stuff like gorgeous ball gowns, decadent cakes, and dancing with all your loved ones.

That being said, one Veracruz quinceañera’s party was almost derailed when none of her guests showed up. Thankfully, one viral Facebook post changed everything for her — and made sure the party was a success.

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One Facebook post saved the day for a Veracruz quinceañera

On December 10, Veracruz Facebook user Gaby Royal took to the social platform to share a very time-sensitive message. No one showed up to 15-year-old Lisa Nayeli’s quinceañera, so whoever could show up was more than welcome. Royal explained, “they left [Lisa] alone, her guests did not show up, they canceled.”

Royal said that although the party had already started at 4 P.M., “only two tables” were occupied, and weren’t even full. She said that just like any other quinceañera, Lisa was “so excited for her party,” but unfortunately— almost none of her guests showed up.

Knowing it was such a “special day” for Lisa, Royal wrote the address of the party and encouraged people to assist. However, no one expected what would happen next.

The moment is the feel-good content we needed today

The Facebook post went viral in Veracruz, amassing almost 1,000 comments and 1.2K shares. Countless strangers commented on the post, writing: “Let me know, can I go?” and “Can we still go? We’re going with all the party vibes.” Hundreds of people commented they were going, or tagged other people in Veracruz to try to make it.

Even more heartwarming, many people asked about how to give the quinceañera gifts. One Facebook user commented, “Send me a direct message and I will send you a small gift. And have fun, you only turn 15 once.”

Another wrote that they went to the party “just to give her a little gift,” and saw Lisa “happy with so many people, thank God.”

Tons of others continued to ask how to make sure Lisa received gifts from them, while a photgrapher commented, “Please contact me so I can gift her a photoshoot.”

Lisa couldn’t stop smiling once everyone showed up

As a video posted by Veracruz en Alerta shows, the quinceañera ended up being a major success. The video shows Lisa smiling in her blue quinceañera gown greeting all her guests and dancing to a band. While there were only two occupied tables at first, the video shows how every table in the party was full by the end.

The outlet also helped bring more people to the party, posting a live video at the time and telling everyone: “Come, give her a hug, a gift, or just congratulate her!”

In fact, as shown in Royal’s Facebook comment section, they actually had to tell people to stop arriving. Yes, the party room got so full of well-wishers, they had to turn some away. There’s no doubt Lisa felt extra special that night, and videos of her smiling from ear-to-ear will make your day.

As reported by OK Chicas, countless strangers brought drinks and even a mariachi band (plus gifts!). With tons of press at the door, the quinceañera was the event of the season.