Let’s just say it: there’s something about Latina moms that make them top-tier.

Sure, you might get hit by a chancleta when you’re out of line (we all needed the chancleta in our lives at some point), but they’re always there for us we need it the most. Latina moms might believe every myth about weed in existence and religiously watch “Caso Cerrado,” but they stayed up all night making our Hispanic Heritage Day costume, made us arroz con salchichas after a long day, and their abrazos are the best.

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More proof? One Latina mom just went viral on TikTok for stepping in for the chambelanes at her daughter’s quinceañera and saving the day. At more than two million views, the video shows el amor de madre knows no bounds:

This quinceañera’s mom saved her party by dressing up

The quinceañera’s cousin @noolyyvillaa_g posted the video on the social media platform, where she explained exactly what happened at the party. She wrote that her cousin’s quinceañera was almost ruined when two out of her three chambelanes canceled last minute. The chambelanes make up the traditional court of honor, and typically dance with the quinceañera alongside the damas. However, the TikTok user’s cousin unfortunately found herself in a tricky situation.

Luckily, because Latina moms are the best and are the epitome of ride or die, the quinceañera’s mom stepped in. No chambelanes besides one? No problem. It was time to get creative.

The TikTok user wrote, “Her mom couldn’t let my cousin have a quince without chambelanes. She became a chambelan herself.”

That’s right: as more videos show, the quinceañera’s mom dressed up in a full chambelan outfit, men’s tuxedo and all. It’s no wonder the user says she “cried when [she] saw her”— we might have something in our eyes, too. The moment is extremely emotional, with the mom luckily knowing the dance moves by heart.

While the TikTok poster said this video shows “a mother’s love is enormous,” other users couldn’t agree more. One viewer commented, “My respects for the mother, she loves her daughter a lot, I would do the sam[e].”

Another agreed that “Moms are the best,” while many others described how “A mother’s love has no limits… congratulations to that girl for all her mom’s love 🥰.”

As one person wrote, “A mother’s love is huge and she will do anything for her kids, always 🥰🥰🥰.” There’s no doubt this video shows it, and we’re very thankful for such heartwarming content on a Monday.