We’re convinced we’ve all lived the same life: who else has parents that always told us weed makes you hallucinate harder than an especially-trippy episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants”?

While parents around the world can be seriously opposed to weed, there’s a special flavor that comes with having Latino parents — at least when it comes to marijuana use. For many of our parents, weed automatically makes you a criminal, and yes, we’ve all been threatened with being kicked out (“mientras estés bajo este techo…”).

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That said, there are a lucky few that have been successful in convincing their parents cannabis is pretty okay — and have even been known to take a puff with them now that we’re all adults. While there’s not much we can do to convince our parents otherwise, we’ve decided to compile the top 9 Latino parent myths about weed (or should we say “cilantro”), all in honor of 4/20.

1. Weed makes you hallucinate so hard you’ll think you’re an extra in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

2. Smoking marijuana “es solo para delincuentes.”

3. Cannabis is always a gateway drug to cocaine, heroin, and more.

4. Caught with a stash of pot in your room? Well, it must mean you’re in a gang.

5. God punishes weed smokers. 

6. CBD will get you high. 

7. If you smoke marijuana, it must be because “that friend Fulanito they always had a feeling about” peer-pressured you.

8. Smoking weed means you cannot be a productive citizen in society. 

9. Marijuana is worse for you than alcohol and tobacco.