Us Latinas living in the United States have the power to change the world as we know it — whether talking about the recent attacks on abortion rights, closing the pay gap for good, or fighting for environmental issues that will disproportionately affect communities of color

We can bring social change through our vote, and FIERCE by mitú’s very exciting new partnership with Latino Victory Project seeks to remind fellow Latinas of our political impact.

The “Latinas from Coast to Coast” series is the brainchild of FIERCE and Latino Victory Project, an organization co-founded by Eva Longoria Bastón and Henry R. Muñoz III to bring political power and progress to the Latino community. 

“Latinas from Coast to Coast” will bring together Latina elected officials, candidates, and progressive allies in conversations about important issues — you’ll want to grab the popcorn for these, because trust us, you won’t be able to stop watching.

Launching today, the first installment features three women of color who are true movers and shakers within the country’s political landscape. Taking part in the gripping conversation? Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez from New Mexico, the president of Emily’s List, Laphonza Butler, and Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea, who was born in Puerto Rico and is the first ever Hispanic to be elected to statewide office in New England.

There’s no doubt the aim of “Latinas from Coast to Coast” is to empower Latinas everywhere, and inspire our community to vote… or run for political office themselves (yas!). 

As explained by Nathalie Rayes, president and CEO of Latino Victory Project, “Latinas are an influential demographic with the power to transform our country on the ballot and at the ballot box.” The finish line at the end of “Latinas from Coast to Coast”? Remind Latinas “that their vote is power and can determine the direction of this nation.” We love to see it.

There’s no doubt there’s room for improvement when it comes to Latina voter turnout, at 58% in 2020, and both FIERCE and Latino Victory Project are looking to change that. Whether talking “reproductive rights, voting rights, climate change action, and affordable healthcare,” us Latinas have the ball in our court when it comes to bringing on the changes we want to see — and the conversations sparked throughout the “Latinas from Coast to Coast” series promise to inspire and ignite progress.