A group of teachers at William J. Clinton STEM Elementary in Texas put on a talent show for the students that blew their minds. Performing “Ella Baila Sola,” “Tití Me Preguntó,” and more with cutouts of artists like Peso Pluma and Bad Bunny over their faces, it was surely an event to remember.

Clips of the show surfaced online thanks to a teacher at the school, who goes by @misslizg2 on TikTok. In the video, the students — 100% of whom are Latino — sing along loudly to Doble P and Benito. They don’t, however, give the same love when Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” starts playing soon after.

Clinton Elementary puts on a Teacher Talent Show for the students

The Teacher Talent Show happened at a specialized school in Texas focusing on STEM — science, technology, engineering and math. The entire student population is Latine. Additionally, most of the enrolled students come from underprivileged backgrounds and have above-average tests scores.

An educator at Clinton Elementary posted a series of videos to TikTok showcasing the Teacher Talent Show. However, one of them blew up more than the others.

In the video, a line of teachers wearing cutouts of famous artists — Peso Pluma, Karol G, Bad Bunny, Shakira, Grupo Frontera singer Payo, Selena, and Taylor Swift — each got a chance to shine as their corresponding artist’s most popular song plays in the auditorium.

Check out the full video here!


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The kids gave extra love to the Latino artists on stage

Although the students are clearly having a great time, they about lose their minds when they hear their favorite songs. They cheer when songs like “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift play, but when “Ella Baila Sola” starts, they go nuts.

The kids know every single word and start singing together in unison. The same applies to “Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny and “No Se Va” by Grupo Frontera. However, the children did not appear to be too familiar with Selena’s music, which makes us feel a bit old.

Even though 30% of teachers in Texas are Latino, more than half of the 5.5 million students in Texas public schools are, too. This is even more important when it comes to schools like this one, 100% Latino.

Commenters love the Teacher Talent Show (and wish they had one of these when they were in school)

On TikTok, the video has nearly a million views and over 850 comments. People loved how the kids knew every word to some songs performed by the teachers.

“The fact that they know all the lyrics,” one commenter wrote. “They new (sic) almost every word to Peso Pluma, Bad Bunny and Frontera,” wrote another.

Even though she loved the performance, one commenter wondered if her invitation got lost in the mail? “Why I was not invited to this event?” she wrote. “I mean yes I am 30 but I am short 😂 I want to party with this (sic) kids.”

Check out a follow-up video showcasing the performance for the 4th-grade class!


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Some people wish they had this kind of experience when they were in school. “My teacher weren’t never this fun,” one person wrote. “I guess I was born in the wrong time.”

One person really appreciated how the teachers did something so generous for the kids. “These teachers are amazing making a great difference in [their] lives,” they wrote.