Sound the alarms: world-famous British chef and “Hell’s Kitchen” TV personality Gordon Ramsay just published his version of “spicy Mexican eggs” on TikTok — and people have a lot to say about it.

Ramsay’s “Mexican” egg bake was initially published back in 2018 over on his YouTube channel, but far fewer people caught wind of just how off the recipe is.

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That being said, once he reposted the recipe on TikTok this week, critics immediately slammed the chef for claiming the meal is “a very classic Mexican-style brunch dish” (why is he washing those beans?!). 

The two-part TikTok video starts with, and we quote: “bold, kick a** flavors” like onion, jalapeño, garlic (so bold?), all simmered in olive oil in a pan.

While that sounds pretty good so far (wait for it!), many social media users still found fault. Memo Torres from L.A. Taco reposted the borderline-hilarious video on his Instagram page, and one user commented: “Olive oil? More like Mazola, Capullo o Nutrioli.” 

Next up, the mixture gets a healthy dose of cumin (the mami and abuelita favorite comino), and then Ramsay arguably says the most cringe thing we’ve ever heard: “Already sounds Mexican” (yup, cries in Spanish).

It starts getting “crispy” and at that point, the Michelin starred-chef adds a can of tomatoes and leaves it all to simmer. Why canned? But okay.

Next, the restaurateur does something we just don’t understand: grabs a can of black beans (another can?!), calls them “authentically Mexican,” pours the bean water out through a sieve, and then rinses the black beans under sink water. PORQUE? Also, why use canned beans? Even worse, Ramsay goes on to explain: “Cannellini beans or chickpeas will work just fine.” 

To that, TikTok’s @mr.cilantro said it best when he said: “Black beans? I thought you were making Mexican eggs!” Also, “Chickpeas will not work just fine.” Nope.


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Ramsay calls the mixture a “spicy tomato sauce” even though we really don’t think it’s spicy at all, and oils a dish to stick corn tortillas all around it as a base. He calls tortillas “a staple” in Mexico, and well, yeah.

By part two, we see the chef pour the mixture into his tortilla base, creating dents in the mixture to crack eggs on top. Maybe Ramsay is trying to go for a strange and incorrect version of huevos rancheros? By that point though, he ruins the recipe even more by grating “strong” Montgomery cheddar on top instead of a traditional queso Mexicano like oaxaca, and even worse — cueing in Mariachi music for a little “authenticity.”


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♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

It goes to bake, and as per Ramsay, creates a perfect “fiery brunch to get your party started.” 

Over on the chef’s TikTok page, it’s safe to say Ramsay is getting roasted — but just saying, this might be karma for all of his insane antics on “Hell’s Kitchen.”

One user commented, “I must not be Mexican because we never had this growing up in my household” while another added, “It already sounds Mexican? Este guey.” LOL.

Other users likened Ramsay’s video to other chefs’ past appropriation of Mexican cuisine, such as: “What in the Rachel Ray’s pozole is going on here?” Others remarked on the so-called “bold flavors,” asking, “Because you sliced a Jalapeño?” while another hilariously wrote, “He added jalapeños and said ‘omg so mexican 😍🤪.’”

While it’s safe to say the vast majority of people were downright-horrified by Ramsay’s “Mexican eggs,” others think it looks tasty — it’s just not Mexican.

As one TikTok user commented, “Looks fire 🔥 definitely not Mexican food but still looks good 👍” and another wrote, “Might even try it one day. But don’t call that Mexican lol,” we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.