Few can resist a bite of delicious pan dulce, even more so when we’re talking Mexican conchas. The shell-shaped sweet bread is the perfect antidote to un día gris, paired perfectly with piping-hot chocolate or coffee.

If you’re a lover of all things conchas, from strawberry to cinnamon, then you might like Adidas México’s very special release.

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The brand is launching new Superstar sneakers inspired by the one and only sugar-topped pan dulce. Designed in cozy shearling reminiscent of how it feels to bite into a fresh-baked concha, these kicks are comin’ in hot — and we have all the details so far.

Everything to know about Adidas México’s scrumptious tribute to conchas

Adidas México’s Instagram first set off the alarms that something was in the oven back on May 4. The athletic brand posted a photo of conchas in a bakery with an Adidas-branded sign in the back that read: “Baked with passion.” Is this what we think it is?

The brand captioned the post with:

“We’re baking something so delicious, you won’t be able to resist it. Want to know what it’s about?”

While you could think Adidas is opening a bakery specializing in Mexican pan dulces with a logo stamped on each oreja and palmera, that isn’t the case.

In fact, as was finally confirmed this week, Adidas was actually announcing their sweet concha-inspired sneaks all along. Here they are, fresh and steamy:


¿Estamos romantizando comprar pan? Totalmente. Los adidas superstar concha, están a la vuelta de la esquina de este 18 de mayo en la página de la marca del trifolio y en tiendas seleccionadas. ¿Ya vieron que suavecitas?

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As you can see in a TikTok video posted by the streetwear account @somosunity, the furry shearling sneakers come in a vanilla cream color, light strawberry pink and chocolate brown. The Superstar sneakers have their iconic stripes on either side, this time embroidered in shiny gold.

Even cooler? The sneakers’ toes feature rounded lines similar to a concha’s sugary topping — also in gold. Here’s a sneaker lover’s first look at them:

The sneakers’ design comes from a familiar nickname for them in Mexico

If you’re Mexican, you might already know that Adidas Superstar sneakers are actually known as “tenis concha” there. Also, sometimes called the brand’s “shell toe” shoes in the US, both terms refer to the iconic Superstar’s ridged toes that look like a seashell:

Interestingly, the Mexican concha baked good also gets its name from “shell” in Spanish for their likeness to seashells. So, shells gave their name to conchas and conchas did the same for Adidas sneakers. Ah, the circle of life.

Whether you call the sneakers “tenis concha” or even “Adiconchas,” the brand banked on the funny term — and we love to see it:

So, where to get the sneakers? While some outlets reported they became available on the Adidas app on May 15, a quick look shows they are not currently for sale. Did they sell out? They might have sold out initially, but other outlets assure they will become widely available between mid-May and June.

Meanwhile, a Mexican sneaker boutique wrote on Instagram that the sneakers will become available on May 18. Some IG influencers seem to have since received the sneakers, too. This means Adidas is creating all the hype for the launch. Adiconchas, you will be ours.

Now, behold for your viewing pleasure: