Ring the alarms. Adele, 35, is obsessed with Dr. Simi dolls, recently describing them as “incredible” and “a Mexican show of love.” So, if you ever see the “Rolling in the Deep” songstress in concert, bring a good ol’ Dr. Simi for her. As Adele put it, the dolls are “just amazing.”

The singer told her Las Vegas concertgoers this month that it is very okay to give her the dolls during her performances. “Just throw them at me, it’s absolutely fine.” One note, though? “Not at my head.” Got it!

Adele even posted a sweet Instagram photo with some of her Dr. Simi dolls backstage (and a Lele doll, too!). Some fans called her “La Patrona,” while others took it as a sign: “THIS IS A SIGN THAT SHE’S COMING TO MÉXICO 🇲🇽!!! 😭❤️.”

One fan in the comments was especially excited after glimpsing the Dr. Simi doll they gave the singer. “I see the Dr. Simi and the crochet doll I gave her! 🤍🪐✨🫰🏼🤩 I thought she would get rid of them… but there’s no doubt that she is a complete queen 👸🏼 😭😭😭.” No lies detected.

Now, Adele’s fanbase knows Dr. Simi dolls are “the way to her heart” — and we’re obsessed with this mash-up. Adele and Dr. Simi, the BFFs we didn’t know we needed.

The singer’s Dr. Simi obsession started earlier this year during her Las Vegas residency

Adele’s love of Dr. Simi dolls seemed to have begun earlier this year during her “Weekends with Adele” residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Exhibit A? Well, a fan gave the singer a Dr. Simi doll dressed up as her back in March 2023. Watch Adele sing “When We Were Young” before receiving the super-cute muñeco:

Upon receiving the doll, Adele replied to the fan, “I know what this is,” smiling her heart out. As the concertgoer and gift-giver later described on TikTok, it was such an “exciting” moment. As one user commented on the video at the time, “I know what this is 😭😩, she knows, she knoooooows 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽.”

And well, it seems like that video may have spawned a million more Dr. Simi gifts for Adele. Earlier, this month, the singer posted this photo of herself with several Dr. Simi dolls backstage. And… the gifts just kept coming.

Adele received yet another doll during her September 16 concert, telling fans, “For anybody that doesn’t know what these are, they’re called Simi dolls. I’ve received so many of them during these shows.”

“They’re my absolute favorite,” she added.

Another concert moment we’re obsessed with? Adele going crazy over another Dr. Simi doll in the audience, screaming, “Gimme that Simi!” She is absolutely all of us:

Our hearts? Melted. As one fan wrote, “Not me crying just for her love with the Simis.” Same.

If given the choice to be anyone or anything, we might just choose being this Dr. Simi doll on Adele’s piano for a minute:

So, Dr. Simi of course invited Adele to visit his factory

The best plot twist that really put a cherry on top of this Adele-Dr. Simi saga? Dr. Simi himself inviting Adele to the factory where the dolls are made.

Of course, Dr. Simi was very excited about Adele fangirling over him:

So, Farmacias Similares, the corporation that gave us Dr. Simi, blessed us with a very special video. The company posted a video that shows Dr. Simi inviting Adele to CINIA, the factory that makes the dolls.

“Adele, thank you very much for showing your love for me,” Dr. Simi says in the clip. “That’s why I invite you to visit CINIA.”

Even more amazing, the clip also shows how the factory employs disabled people to make the dolls. You can see by the end of the video how one worker says, “Thank you Adele,” while another communicates it in sign language.

“Sending you a big, respectful hug, and yes, you are my favorite, too,” Dr. Simi tells Adele. All of the workers cheer at the end, saying, “We invite you to CINIA!”

Days later, Adele actually responded to Dr. Simi’s video while performing at a concert. Between songs, she asked fans, “Do we have anyone from Mexico here tonight, ladies and gentlemen?”

“During the shows, I’ve been given these amazing dolls, which are a Mexican show of love. They’re called Simi dolls, right?”

“I only found out about them during these shows, because people would give them to me,” she described…found out loads about it this week. [The company] made a video to me, inviting me to the factory where they’re made,” the singer added. “I didn’t know that they’re all made by disabled people.”

Adding, “It’s such a beautiful story, I had no idea.”

Now, Adele is encouraging fans to give her Simi dolls at her concerts and they’ve listened

Catch the singer here receiving a very intricate Dr. Simi with a gorgeous drawing made by a fan:

And here, receiving Dr. Simi dolls, Lele dolls, and the Mexican flag during her Las Vegas concert that landed right on Mexican Independence Day:

Us? Well, apart from being very excited about Adele’s new obsession, we’re planning on what Dr. Simi doll to give her. As one fan described on X, they’re already prepping their Dr. Simi gift for her upcoming concert:

Another is just as excited, chatting on WhatsApp with their mom about what doll to give Adele next: